Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav: Shiv to challenge Kartikeya!

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In the Colors TV show Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav, Shiv will tell Kartikeya to win against his person before dreaming of Indralok’s throne. Will Kartikeya defeat Shiv’s person? Check below to learn more.


Earlier its seen that, Parvati told Shiv that she is scared of end result because Kartikeya thinking is different from their thinking. Shiv told her to not worry because they can handle this situation.

Later, Kartikeya gave fruits to everyone. Everyone praised the taste of it. Shiv asked Kartikeya that from where the latter brought these fruits. Kartikeya said he brought from highest place using his ability. He added that no one went there till now except him. He asked whether he can’t become a king, when he is Shiv and Parvati’s son and he has ability too.

Narad said that helping others is above sitting on any throne. Shiv told Kartikeya that the latter will get more peace than Devraj Indra by helping others. Kartikeya said he is getting treated like Asur and went inside angrily. Later, Kartikeya vowed to become king of Indralok.

In the upcoming episode, Kartikeya will challenge Devraj Indra for fight. He will ask Devraj Indra to accept defeat and give Indralok throne to him. Shiv will tell Kartikeya to fight with his person first. Kartikeya will fight with Shiv’s person. He will beat Shiv’s person up.

Why Shiv asked Kartikeya to fight his person?

Will Kartikeya change his decision?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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