Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav: Shiv to punish Devraj Indra?

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In the Colors TV show Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav, Shiv will decide to punish Devraj Indra for making fun of love. So will Devraj Indra really be punished by Shiv?Check below to learn more.

Earlier its seen that, Shiv asked Kartikeya that don’t he think he should have helped Devraj Indra in fight against Namushi. Kartikeya gathered everyone and announced that he is resigning his position of commander because he failed to fulfill his responsibility as commander. Shiv asked Devraj Indra to accept the resignation. Kartikeya said that he won’t accept any other throne of Indralok except King of Indralok.

Other side, Narayan told Goddess Lakshmi that he know she is angry at him. Goddess Lakshmi told him that she understands his responsibility. Narad praised their jodi. Later, Parvati asked Shiv to fulfill Kartikeya’s wish. Shiv said that can’t happen but he will try to convince Kartikeya to accept Commander position. Meanwhile, Rambh and Diti searched that lady. Diti said they have to find that lady to get Brahmadev’s boon. Parvati told Shiv that his devotee is in danger.

In the upcoming episode, Devraj Indra will taunt Rambh for marrying Cow. Rambh will get angry hearing this. Shiv will tell Devraj Indra that it’s wrong to make fun of someone’s love so the latter will get punishment for sure.

Will Devraj Indra realise his mistake?

What Rambh will do now?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav, stay tuned to this space.