Shiva and Krish to plan to scare Rishita: Pandya Store

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Star Plus popular daily soap “Pandya Store” is all set for high voltage drama with Shiva cooking up a ghost story to scare Rishita.

In the current track, Raavi complains about Shiva to Dhara. Dhara scolds Raavi and asks her to handle her husband herself. Dhara informs Rishita about bonfire and asks her to participate in it. Dhara advises Rishita that the brothers are like kids so they fight unlike her dad who beats people in real life.

Rishita complains that Krish doesn’t have any manners and enters married couples room without knocking. Shiva and Krish come there. Shiva says that Rishita dragging the matter unnecessarily. They used to enter Dhara’s room without thinking and they all grow up there, so they don’t know. Dhara reminds Shiva that they aren’t kids anymoreand asks Krish to knock before entering Rishita’s room. She further tells them about the bonfire and asks Shiva to wear the clothes that she had kept for him. Dhara advises Shiva to think from an ordinary girl’s point of view and change himself.

Later Shiva tells Krish about seeing black shadow in the stairs in order to scare Rishita. Rishita also hears them and gets scared. In the night Shiva sees a locked room. He enquires about it to the security guard and learns it belongs to a lady called, Kesar, who lives Chicago. Shiva tells Kesar is haunting that room scarring Rishita.

Now in the upcoming Rishita will be scared by Shiva’s ghost story and will not be able to sleep. She will shout seeing a shadow. Shiva and Krish will discuss about doing one more thing to scare Rishita.

How Rishita will react after knowing about Shiva’s prank? Will Shiva and Krish get scolded by the family for playing prank on Rishita?

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