Shiva to bear Raavi’s outburst: Pandya Store

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Star Plus popular daily soap “Pandya Store” is going for an interesting turn of events.

In the current track, Raavi takes her revenge from Shiva by pouring water on their bed. Shiva mocks her for her foolishness and both spends their night on the floor. Meanwhile, Dev and Rishita spends a romantic night together.

Everyone gets astonished seeing Shiva and Raavi sitting together and Dhara praises them. She apprises everyone about the Puja. Rishita keeps bugging Dev about visiting market after the Puja, while he agrees to her demand hesitantly. Later on he convinces Rishita to wear saree for the Puja.

Here, Dhara and Gautam spends some quality time together. He expresses his love for Dhara while she also shares her feelings for him. Later, Raavi adores herself in the mirror as Dhara compliments her. Dhara ask her to put vermilion, while she tries to send Shiva out of the room. He puts the vermilion on her hairline. Whereas, she gets teary eyes looking at him.

Ahead, they reaches the Puja spot and priest ask Shiva to say some vows. Raavi stops Shiva and accuses him for abandoning her when she was in need. Everyone witnesses their chaos. Meanwhile, Shiva leaves from their furiously.

Now in the upcoming episode, Rishita will climb the stairs to go somewhere, but will come to a halt hearing Krish and Shiva’s conversation. They will discuss about experiencing paranormal activities and will speak about noticing a black shadow. Rishita will get frightened. Later, She will close her windows and will shiver being scared.

Will this trip bring Shiva and Raavi close to eachother? What destiny have planned for the three couples?

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