Shivani to confront Mohini in Kasauti Zindagi Kay

Kasauti Zindagi KI is gearing up for some high voltage drama. Airing on Star Plus the show brings out some twists and turns that are capable of keeping the audience glued to the TV screens. Komolika is again taking the lead in the show. Never fail to amuse, Komolika always has a plan ready to ruin the lives of Anurag and Prerna. Komolika initially had a plan to kill Prerna to remove her permanently from the life of Anurag but gets a change of mind and aborts the plan of killing Prerna. She will offer a lift to Prerna which she refuses.

Komolika without backing off makes Prerna sit in the car reluctantly. Komolika drives and when they reach Sharma House, Komolika pretends and also intentionally asks Prerna if that’s her house. After Prerna gets off the car Komolika will drive back and splash muddy water on Prerna.

Again reversing the car Komolika will apologize to Prerna for splashing muddy water on her. To Komolika’s surprise, Prerna will not be angry with her. Prerna will reach for the Sharma House and Shivani will open the door for her. Shivani will be shocked to see Prerna there and that too in such a muddy attire. Prerna will then inform the Sharma family all the events of happening, Shivani will lose her temper listening to Prerna.

Infuriated Shivani will reach Basu’s house and will confront Mohni and Moloy. Shivani will question them why they threw Prerna out of their house. Later Moloy will reveal Rajesh’s death to Anurag.

Will ANuPre find their destiny once again? Keep reading for more updates.