July 19, 2019
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Shocking news ahead for Pia in Nazar

Seems like there is no end to the problems and hurdles for Ansh and Pia in Star Plus late night supernatural daily titled “Nazar”. The show is a story about an evil witch who has lots of powers and magic tricks in her kitty to destroy everything beautiful in the world.

The show is going ahead towards a big twist in the upcoming days which will leave the audience glued to the edge of the seats. As we all know Pia is finally out of the manipulation of Mohona thus she is now happily leaving with Ansh and Aditya. Trishila rescued Pia from the danger and family is now thinking to have some good moments ahead in their lives.

In the last episode, when Trishila was rescuing Pia, she gets a water statue too. Today Ansh will be seen entering the room to find out Trishila’s water statue is evolving into a human form. Later, they will be surprised to see it is none other than Divya, Pia’s mother.

Pia, Ansh and the entire family gets happy and content to have to have their beloved person back. Pia will get emotional and excited on seeing her and greets her. Whereas, things will become osd when Adi meets Divya and turns into a stone. The family decides to perform aarti together on this occasion and thank god for its blessing on their family.

On the other hand, Nishant will receive a call from Saavi informing him about a shocking turn of events. Nishant will get scared and informs Pia about it and says it can be devastating for all of us. Piya gets distressed upon knowing this but decides to think positive and assures family and Ansh. Meanwhile, Divya is gone missing from the aarti and Vedashree watches her going from there.

Later on the sky the stars take form of a magical sword indicating some major happening in the show. To know more about your favourite show stay tuned to this space.

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