Shocking! One call will change Meher and Sarabjeet’s life? : Choti Sardarni

Colors TV Choti Sardarni is getting praises for its fresh storyline. Show is doing great and audiences are really enjoying the bonds Meher, Sarabjeet and Param shares.

So far in the episodes, Sarbjeet takes care of Meher. Meher gets well and Param prays paid-off when Meher’s child heartbeat gets stable. Doctor asks Meher to have a complete bed rest. Here, Kulwant worries why Meher goes to the hospital and decides to find out the truth. Afterwards, Meher meets Manav’s father and gets emotional seeing his condition. She decides to help him by giving some money.

Later, at home Param decides to take care of Meher like the way she takes care when he is not well. Meher gets overwhelmed seeing Param’s unconditional love for her. Param instructs Meher to have fruits and juice and she follows his orders. Next, Dolly doubts on Meher and thinks scoop the truth.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Sarab’s PA will tell him that Meher withdraw 25cr from his account.

Amrita will ask Meher to tell whether Sarabjeet knows about her pregnancy or not. Param will interrupt her. Later, Kulwant will decide to go to hospital to find out the truth. Afterwards, Sarabjeet will receive a call from someone who will inform him about Meher withdrawing a huge amount of money from his account.

How Sarabjeet will react after knowing Meher’s truth? Do Meher’s act will make Sarab doubt on her? Well, what more happen in the show will be interesting to watch. Keep watching Choti Sardarni, mon-fri on Colors TV.

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