Shocking twist ahead in Nazar

Star Plus popular show Nazar is witnessing some edge of the seat drama in recent episodes of the show story-line. The show which is based on a love story of a Daivik and Davansh and how they fight and conquer victory over an evil witch. In the latest story, Pia and Ansh are trying to save their love, son and family from the conspiracies of Mohana.

However, in the upcoming episodes of the show the viewers are in for some high voltage, thriller, drama and suspense. Currently, in the story Pia rescued Vedashree but puts herself in trouble to get bothered anytime in the near future.

In the last episode, it was assumed that maybe now everything will get right and Pia and Ansh can have some moment for happiness. Well in the upcoming episodes of the show, Pia is going to face something drastic whereas Ansh can come out of it easily. When Piya will enter her room to offer Ansh a glass of juice and drops it. This will make Ansh much more worried about her health and he seeks help from her to save his Piya.

Here on the other hand, Naman finds out the stone they are looking for here and there is lies with Panna. He makes efforts to get it back but Panna flew away with it., Later Police cake and arrest Savi, Naman and Sanam. Here Trishila finally cures Pia from the circumstances, Ansh will apologize from her for doubting her intention. Later Ansh concern for his family and Pia arise once again when he gets to listen a shocking fact about Trishala.

In short the upcoming episodes of the show is going to be a treat for Nazar fans especially . Will Pia and Ansh ever be able to live their life happy? Will Pia and Ansh be able to save the insecure state of the stand? For more updates keep watching this space.