Shruti Sharma is yet again giving breath-taking performance as Chamcham in ‘Namak Iskk Ka’!

Rose to fame playing dhakad character Dhanak, actress Shruti Shamra never fails to amaze her fans with her flawless performance. Show Gathbandhan made Shruti a household name. Sharma as ‘IPS Dhanak’ gained lots of appreciation. Her acting in the show was natural thus, fans got attracted towards the diva. Shruti was paired opposite to handsome hunk Abrar Qazi in the show. The Jodi of Abrar and Shruti has a separate fan base. Abrar played the character of Raghu in the show. Additionally, Shruti and Abrar shares a great rapport off-screen too.

Post Gathbandhan, Shruti appeared as parallel lead in the magical show ‘Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka’. Actress played the character of Shayari. Shayari’s bubbliness and sweetness was well painted and Shruti surely brought the life to the character. Sharma is a versatile actress. Currently, fans are applauding Shruti for playing character ‘kahani’ in ‘Namak Ikk Ka’. Colors show Namak Ikk Ka is showcasing a story of a stage dancer where Sharma is playing the main lead.

The way Shruti with her acting skills is purely bringing the pain, grief and helplessness of being a dancer; none other than beautiful diva would have done it this flawlessly. Lucknow born is leaving no stone unturned to bring the best out of Kahani. Shruti is doing phenomenal as Kahani. Shruti is maker’s right choice for the role without any denial. Actress is paired opposite to Aditya Ojha. Actor is well complementing Shruti in the show. Fans are appreciating the performance of Shruti too. Read out fans tweets below!

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Meanwhile, Yug married Kahani. Kahani revealed that Raunak was forcefully marrying her. Badi Didi shot Kahani post she accused that Yug too wanted to take her life. Yug’s mother support Kahani. Iravati warns Raunak to stay away from Kahani. What more drama Yug and Kahani’s wedding will bring, it will be interesting to watch. Don’t miss watching Namak Iskk Ka mon-fri on colors tv.

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