Shubharambh 14th February 2020 Written Update: Raja experiences bad luck planned by Mota papa

The episode starts with the kid calling Raja and Rani on Mota Papa’s insistence. He asks Aasha to do what he asked to. Aasha takes a diary from locker. Mota Papa gives it to Raja saying that it’s his father’s diary. He says it’s very precious ss it’s the last symbol of his father. He says it’s not just a diary but his father’s blessing. He calls Moti mummy’s words about Pitru dosh. He says that along with God’s blessings he will get his father’s blessings too. Mota Papa hugs him and pats him. Mehul calls everyone outside as a very big problem happened. They find Natu Kakka head bleeding.

Hitank says that someone attacked Natu Kakka and took the money away. They gets shocked and Raja decides to complaint police but Mota Papa asks him to let it go. They send Natu Kakka to hospital. They all leave but Raja hears Mota Papa and Moti Mummy talks about Pitru Dosh. Raja leaves confused while Mota Papa and Moti Mummy smirks evilly at their successful plan.

Mehul meets Divya who’s angry at him and is about to ignore him. Mehul puts up an innocent act that she’s his wife who he got married forcibly. He lies that there’s no love in between them and that he went to depression. He leaves putting up an emotional act while Divya gets confused. Raja is reading his father’s diary and is laughing recalling their moments together.

Rani comes there and Raja shares his childhood memories with her. He says about how grand they celebrated his birth while Rani says that she is born in her home. He says how much he troubled his father to go to school while Rani has gone to school only for food. They realize how different their life style is. They have an eyelock.

Next day morning Mota Papa makes Raja open the shop with his hands and makes him sit in cash counter. Raja prays in front of his father’s picture. Bank person comes to complete formalities and Raja goes to complete it. Suddenly they hear Moti Papa’s shout only to find diary burning. Raja gets shocked and immediately puts off the fire. He looks emotionally at the burnt diary while Mota Papa speaks emotionally.

Later he smirks at his plan working. Rani decides to video call Raja and Raja picks it. She finds him worried and asks what happened. Raja informs about diary catching fire and burnt. Aasha and Kirdida too hears it. They all gets shocked. Raja asks Kirdida if his Mota Papa said anything to him and Raja says no. Rani asks him not to take it wrong as its actually his father’s blessing that saved the shop. Raja too agrees with him while Mota Papa have another evil plan in mind.

Precap : Mota Papa saves Raja from falling Chandler. He gets hospitalized while Kirdida blames Raja’s badluck.