Shubharambh 14th January 2020 Written Update: UTSAV STEALS IN RANI’S HOME

The episode starts with Raja asking Rani to not keep thinking about the past event. He assures to be with her no matter what it is. Rani looks at him lovingly. They both have an eyelock. They both starts packing things. Rani asks why is his clothes so old. He says it doesn’t matter if it is old but it has few old memories. He says about the sweater spun by his grandmother and gets into her memories. Rani looks lovingly at her. Utsav gets Aasha’s call who asks about her money. Utsav says that he’ll give in two hours and Aasha agrees. She warns him about his sister’s honeymoon.

Raja finds something suspicious of Rani seeing her actions. She takes his measurements for sweater without his knowledge and Raja sees it in mirror. He catches her. They both fall in romantic eyelock. Raja mocks her for her ways. Rani says that she wanted to take measurements for sweater and wanted to give him surprise. Raja asks how will she make sweater within half a day. Rani says that she’s expert in making beautiful sweaters in short time and there’s high demand for her sweaters. Raja allows her to take measurements and Rani takes it. They both gets romantic. They share beautiful moments together. Raja gives tea to her ns its evening. Rani hurries with her work as she still has one hand left to spin.

Raja feeds her tea and Aasha sees it. She says that her brother has come downstairs to meet her. Rani leaves and Utsav gives her his mother’s handmade food. Aasha signals him and Utsav understand. He’s about to leave when Kirdida stops him and offers him to stay. He leaves saying he needs to go. He bumps with Jharna while Kirdida offers him sweets for his mother. Utsav keeps it aside after coming out and messages his friend to switch off the lights. He sneaks in when everyone are busy in the dark. He opens the locker with duplicate keys and steals away the money. Rani sees the door locked and asks who’s inside. She calls out for anyone but Utsav hides.

Jharna comes there and takes her away. Utsav hides under the bed as the lights gets switched on. Kirdida comes 5o 6ur locker room and finds it open. Jharna too sees it shocked. They both laugh seeing each other. In the flashback it’s seen that Jharna finds Utsav getting duplicate keys ready to steal.

She informs the same to Kirdida who asks them to help him in stealing. He says that if he steals then not only him even his sister will be blamed for being a thief. Kirdida says that it’s time for drama and they both rejoice about Aasha’s dream getting spoiled. They both leave and Utsav starts leaving. He finds everyone busy in hall and hides. Kirdida sends everyone in and Utsav sneaks out using the situation. Kirdida smirks at her plan.

Precap : Utsav gets caught and he reveals the truth