Shubharambh 15th September 2020 Written Update: Raja and Rani United again due to Aasha

Shubharambh 15th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hitank scolding Raja and Rani for their interview. He says that it’s written that they both kept a mannat that if they don’t get succeed in the competition they’ll stay separate for three years. They gets shocked seeing the news. Everyone scolds them for it while Raja and Rani stands shocked. Raja asks Rani’s did she gave any such interview after his leaving.

 Rani says that why will she has she could never think of leaving him. Raja says someone would’ve given the news by mistake. Gunwant and Kirdida smirks seeing it. Raja and Rani comes to Mr. Bharat Haseeja and finds him giving interview for media. He introduces Raja and Rani as the couple who said about the maanat thing.

Media questions them about it but they deny saying so. Bharat praises Raja and Rani for their sincerity but Raja says that they never said any such thing during interview. Bharat sends media out and asks how’s that possible. Rani says something wrong happened but Bharat asks how come the confusion happened when they were already prepared. They recall not being prepared for the competition. Rani tries explaining but Bharat says he was wrong by letting them as wild contestant.

 He says that they shouldn’t take down the article else they will be blamed for gaining attention for cheap publicity. He says if they say anything about this to media then they will be disqualified. Utsav reads out the newspaper to everyone and Kesha wonders if its her father’s deed.

Rani wonders what to do and says the competition has become very important for them that if they lose it not only their dreams but their relationship will also be ruined. Gunwant gets ready for Arti and Hitank says they need to wait for Raja and family. He says he’s getting late and is about to start when Raja comes there. He praises Gunwant saying that for the first time he’s happy seeing his deed than anger.

He says he wanted to take advantage of their weakness but instead he made their aim stronger. He says before it was only a competition for them to fulfil their dreams but now it has become his need to keep his relationship. He says he knows how much relationship values to him. Raja says that now they are actually going to keep mannat for the competition. He says their relationship is so strong to be broken as its made by God.

 They promise that if they don’t win the competition they’ll stay apart for three years and will not see each other’s face. Rani thanks him as because of him they got together forgetting their fight and will focus on competition. Gunwant says that he won’t take credit for something which he didn’t do. He wants them separated from not United and he didn’t do this. Aasha cones there with dhol and playing conch.

 Aasha accepts that it’s her doing. Rani asks why did she do this. Aasha says that because she’s their mother and she knows what’s right for him. She says that with difficulty they reached this extent and will not let their dream gets ruined. She recalls saying Jignesh about the mannat.

Aasha says she knows that they both fear about getting separated and the fear will lead them to win the competition. She says now none can stop them from winning the competition. Raja and Rani looks proud at Aasha. She says Gunwant and Kirdida that she learnt to plan from them and asks them to witness her Raja and Rani winning the competition.

Kirdida thinks that she’ll make sure that they will not win the competition. She takes arti plate from Gunwant and asks them to do arti of Ganpati Bappa. They starts doing arti together. Vrinda is worried about Raja and Rani. Utsav says about Raja and Rani really swearing stay apart if they don’t win the competition.

Kesha gets shocked hearing it while Utsav assures that nothing will happen. Kesha gets worried about Raja and Rani winning the competition. Raja shows Rani an envelope and she opens it to find a rose in it. Raja apologizes Rani and says that this is the place where they fought. He gives the rose and wants to end their fight.

 Rani accepts the rose from him. They both reconcile. Raja gives another rose to Rani for not understanding her point of view about Utsav and Kesha’s relationship. He gives third rose to her as he left the dining table angry on her. He then takes her to bedroom and gives fourth rose to her for going to guest room leaving her alone. He then brings her to another room and lights candle apologizing her. Rani too apologizes him for her anger and stubbornness.

They both starts lighting the whole room with candle taking an oath for each candle. Raja says that when there is light in husband and wife relationship then there is no darkness in the life of a person. He says he don’t want to lose her and Rani hugs him. Rani says that she’s incomplete without him. They both hug and make up.

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