Shubharambh 16th July 2020 Written Update: Gunwant and Raja fight over an issue

Shubharambh 16th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aasha coming to Raja’s room asking for Rani to give her sweets. He says that Rani is ready to come but she’ll come some and he’ll bring her back. Aasha blames herself for not trusting Rani in revealing the true faces of Gunwant and Kirtida. She feels bad for Rani but Raja promises to bring Rani back to the house. At night both Raja and Rani goes sleepless lost in each other’s memory. Raja voice texts Rani about how much he’s missing her.

Rani tries to ignore but by mistake she sends Kiss emoticon. She sends a voice message saying that it’s a mistake but Raja texts back that he wishes for such mistakes to keep happening. He recalls the time when by mistake she sent her picture and from there started their relationship. Rani keeps the phone away in order to ignore but their childhood shoe falls on it and once again plays Raja’s voice text. Rani gets lost in his memories.

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Next day Gunwant and Kirdida are in hall while Aasha takes the evil eyes off Raja as he’s going to work for the first day as owner. Kirdida informs Gunwant about Rani declining to come back to the house. Raja takes blessings of Gunwant and Kirdida and they shows ignorance to him treating him as a servant like before. Aasha fumes seeing it and asks him to sit and talk as he’s now not only the owner of the shop but also the house.

Raja denies saying that everything will be same in the house and give 2 lakh to Gunwant for household expenses. He says that it’s his duty to take care of the house and he’ll fulfil it for sure. Raja leaves and Gunwant gives the money to Kirdida and leaves. On the other side Rani is making breakfast for everyone when Bailu and his sister discuss about their parents stuck in curfew in Surat. They find Rani angry and her sister says about Raja’s visit the last day.

Bailu says that Rani is very angry this time and she’ll not go back but his sister challenges that she’ll go for sure. They both bet on Rani when Rani by mistake calls Bailu as Raja. They tease her for still lost in Raja’s memories but Rani cooks up an excuse. They asks her to meet Raja once and Rani thinks that she needs to return the shoes in order to completely break the relationship. They all leave for their work.

Raja comes to Rani’s house as its her wish to see him as owner of the shop but finds her house locked. He decides to meet her later as it’s getting late for shop. Raja enters shop and prays on front of his father’s photo for blessings for his first day as owner. He sits on the chair and Gunwant’s comes there. He finds Raja in the owner’s seat and gets angry recalling whatever happened in his Raj yog pooja. He indirectly taunts Raja but Raja ignores it.

Raja asks for account details and Gunwant takes him to his table. He gives keys to him and gets busy in arguing in phone with dealer. Raja gets the phone from him asking him to come and get money in the evening. Gunwant asks how’s it possible to give money when they don’t have it. Raja shows the money which he has hided in his table locker shocking Gunwant.