Shubharambh 17th February 2020 Written Update: Gunwant tries getting Raja electrocuted

The episode starts with everyone leaving home except Raja and Mota Papa. Raja is about to go but Gunwant gives him some work and asks him to stay with him. Raja goes to do the work while Gunwant goes to execute his plan. He wears and gives some electric connection so that the current pass through the decorations. He says that now no one can save Raja from his pitru dosh. Raja comes back home to find Rani waiting for him late night. Rani reheats the food for both of them.

Raja asks her to not wait for him. She serves him first without listening to his words and starts filling her plate too. They both have dinner together. They have a nok jhok moment. Raja says that he always comes late and if she continues to wait for him then she’ll stay hungry daily. Rani says its fine. They both share an eyelock while having food.

Divya calls Mehul and says that she wants to give a chance to him. Mehul jumps in happiness. They both decide to meet each other the next day. He dreams of Divya and dances with her but in reality its actually Jharna and he gets disappointed.

Raja finds so many books lying in the bed and asks the reason for it. She says that he said that he loves reading stories from his father’s diaries and thus got all this. She says she doesn’t have much friends from childhood and thus spent most of her time in reading books. Raja wonders if he should say about pitru dosh to Rani but then decides against it. They recreate a past moment. They have an eyelock.

Next day Rani serves food for everyone when Aasha performs warding off evil eye ritual on Raja. Gunwant says that nothing can save Raja from their evil eyes and both laugh. At the shop Raja is taking care of decorations while Gunwant waits for Raja to get electrocuted.

Raja is about to touch the mirror when power goes off. He completes his work and power comes back much to Gunwant’s disappointment. He waits for another chance where Raja have a very close encounter to get electrocuted.

Gunwant tries making Raja touch the electrocuted mirror but it doesn’t work at all. At home Rani by mistake breaks the photo frame and finds Raja’s photo completely damaged.

Precap : Raja goes to get keys on Gunwant saying while Rani tries following him but Gunwant stops her. They hear some sound and rushes in. Rani gets shocked seeing something.