Shubharambh 18th February 2020 Written Update: Gunwant falls in his own trap

The episode starts with Rani hitting the photo frame and the frame falls down. She thinks that if she has any blind belief then she would’ve thought that it’s some danger for Raja. She’s about to call Raja when her finger gets hurt by the broken frame. She recalls their moments together. She feels something bad going to happen but brushes it off.

On the other hand Raja locks the shop and Rani comes there. Everyone gets surprised seeing her. She makes excuse that she came to help him. Gunwant gets suspicious and sends Raja in to get his thing. Rani gets doubtful about the delay and is about to go in but Gunwant stops her and says he’ll go and check. They hear breaking sound and Rani and Hitank rushes in.

They gets shocked seeing Gunwant getting hurt with the mirror instead of Raja. Hitank and Raja helps him out of it. Raja sees the electric wire and gets shocked. They both rushes Gunwant to hospital. Soon Kirdida comes with Mehul and Aasha.

Kirdida cries for his condition but everyone consoles her. Nurse takes Hitank to complete formalities and says only two people can meet the patient. Raja and Kirdida gets in the ward and gets heartbroken seeing Gunwant’s condition.

Aasha asks how this happened and Mehul blames Raja’s decoration for it. Kirdida faints and Raja takes her out. Everyone calms her and Hitank promises to take care of her. Rani says she’ll take care of her and takes Kirdida with her while others fall worried. Doctor says that he’s very bad condition.

Hitank asks Raja what happened. He says that he don’t know as he was inside. Mehul blames Raja for the incident. He hurts Raja with his words by calling him a fatherless child. Hitank shuts him up while Raja gets distraught.

Kirdida is praying in front of God. Rani asks her to have something but she stands adamant that she won’t. Aasha watches it. She feels bad for Kirdida and prays for Gunwant to her husband’s picture. Rani, Darshana and Jharna worries for Kirdida.

Rani decides to take food for everyone in hospital. Hitank Mehul to leave to house while he’ll stay there with Raja. Raja recalls about Pitru dosh thing said about Kirdida. He recalls Mehul’s words too. Rani comes there and asks for Hitank and Mehul to give them food. She finds Raja upset and asks him to have a little bit of food.

He says that Gunwant is everything for him and nothing will happen to him. He blabbers that he will be alright and God will definitely save him. Raja acts mad in his nervousness. Rani consoles him saying that they’ll not let anything happen to him.

Precap : Raja and Rani brings medicine for Gunwant only to find him in wheel chair. They gets shocked.