Shubharambh 19th February 2020 Written Update: Kirdida blames Raja’s pitru dosh for the accident

The episode starts with Rani helping Raja to sleep on her shoulders but Raja wakes up soon. He finds Rani shivering in sleep and gives her blanket. Rani shares her blanket with Raja. Next day doctor says that the reports are normal and there’s nothing to worry. All sighs in relief.

Kirdida is still awake in front of God praying. Aasha asks her to have something while Kirdida asks if she’s taking revenge on her. She says that she knows that she did so wrong with her and apologizes her falling in her feet. Aasha says her that Gunwant is a good guy and God will not let anything bad happen to him. She hugs her cries.

Raja is at pharmacy buying medicines. The medicines are about to fall but Rani helps him. They both leave to ward only to gets shocked seeing Gunwant in wheel chair. The medicines falls from his hand to see his legs not working. Rani stands stunned seeing him disabled.

Gunwant says that they can leave. Everyone brings Gunwant home. Everyone at house gets shocked seeing his condition. Kirdida asks what happened to Hitank who stands unmoved. Hitank says that his father got paralysed due to shock. Kirdida gets shocked to the core and so is others. She falls down crying seeing his condition. Kirdida says that see what happened because of their silence. Gunwant asks her to shut but Kirdida reveals that there’s pitru dosh in his kundali. The moment he took responsibility all the bad things started happening. She blames Raja for it and Mehul too agrees with her.

Kirdida says that Pitru Dosh gets relieved only when Raja stays away from shop for a year as per Pandit’s saying. Rani is about to say something but Raja stops her. Mehul too agrees for the condition but Gunwant asks him to shut. Gunwant asks him to not think about all this and asks him to take the decision himself. Raja leaves thinking where Rani stands tensed.

Aasha says Darshana that Pitru Dosh is a big thing and he somehow needs to stay away from shop for a year. Raja recalls all of Kirdida’s words about Pitru Dosh. Raja sits in a shop outside house. Rani comes there and consoles Raja. He says that he’s aware of Pitru Dosh thing.

Rani asks if he trust alm this. He says that he doesn’t but Gunwant and Kirdida believes in it. He says that he wouldn’t have believed if the accident didn’t take place. Rani says that he should prove it wrong by taking double responsibility. She asks him to not have blind belief and prove himself to Mota Papa. Raja says that he made the decision.

Precap : Raja denies believing Pitru Dosh as its blind belied but if he wants him to stay away for a year then he will shocking Rani.