Shubharambh 19th October 2020 Written Update: Mihir convinces Asha to impress Rani

Shubharambh 19th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Darshana tells Rani to give Mihir’s luggage to him saying she has some other work to do. Rani takes Mihir’s luggage to guest room and was about to see her picture thinking it could be his wife’s picture. Before she sees that Mihir takes that from her and saying he will manage his luggage.

Rani tells him to get fresh till then food will be ready and leaves from there. He gets relived thinking she didn’t saw her picture. Rani was doing kitchen works and hallucinates Raja. In her hallucination he romance with her and helps her in kitchen work and comes to reality when Darshana calls her. She serves the food for Raja’s plate and Darshana notices that and asks why she is serving for Raja.

Rani says she knows that he is not with them now but by doing this they can feel that he is with them only and says if he was here then he won’t like to see their sad face. Asha gets emotional hearing her. Mihir overhears their conversation.

Rani asks Hitank’s opinion about her idea. Hitank says she is right so let’s eat thinking Raja is with them. Kirtida says she is feeling tension seeing their drama and leaves from there. Rani notices Asha and goes to her with food and tells her to eat saying Raja will become fine soon and will come back her so she should not stay hungry like this.

Hitank also tries to convince her so she can eat. Rani tells Darshana that Asha decided to not eat anything until Raja comes back but it will affect her health only. Mihir comes there and starts to clap saying Asha believes God but not him so he is not needed and says he is leaving from there.

Asha stops him and tells him to stay there. He says he studied to treat his patients using his brain not heart and if she believes God then asks her to believe him little bit and says if anyone can bring back Raja to this house then that’s him only. He says once Raja comes back he definitely needs someone to take care of him and who can take care of a son better than his mother and says she should be healthy for that. He takes the food plate from Rani and gives it to Asha.

Asha takes that from him and says she will eat for Raja not for her. She tells Rani to serve food for Mihir. Darshana and Hitank thanks Mihir for convincing Asha. Mihir thinks one day he will take Raja’s place in Rani’s heart. He sits on Raja’s chair and Rani tells him to sit on some other chair. He says Raja is in the hospital and he is not going to come here now and asks why everyone in this family emotionally over reacting for everything.

She says being emotional is not weakness it just shows the love they have for Raja. He was about to go from there without eating anything but Asha stops him saying he can sit in that chair and says chair matter is not more important than him. She tells Rani that he is not just their guest instead he is their God.

Later Rani wakes up from her sleep in the middle of the night and shocks seeing Raja beside her. He says he knows that she is missing him and tells her to not worry about him because soon he will come back to her and tells her to sleep peacefully. He gives his photo frame to her and tells her to assume that he is with her only. She sleeps with his frame.

Episode ends.

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