Shubharambh 20th February 2020 Written Update: Raja decides to stay away from shop

The episode starts with Gunwant revealing his perfectly fine legs. Kirdida smirks seeing it. She praises him fir his perfect act. In the flashback it is revealed that Gunwant faked his accident. He says that he bought the doctor and nurse too. Kirdida is still not sure whether Raja will fall for it as he’s still under Rani’s influence.

Raja and Rani comes to meet him and Gunwant acts struggling. Raja says that all these pitru dosh are blind thing and he doesn’t trust all this but if he wants he’s ready to stay away from shop for an year. He says that he’ll stay there in house and will serve for him. He gives him a bell and asks him to call him using it whenever he needs help. He fakes his love fir Raja and hugs him.

Kirdida and Gunwant smirks hearing it while Rani gets shocked. Kirdida too shows her fake love for Raja. Gunwant asks for water and Raja rushes to get it. On the way he says to Rani that he didn’t keep his fear in front but his family’s love in front of the decision.

Rani asks Darshana did she do something wrong. Darshana asks her not to worry as tomorrow is Mahashivratri and Shivji will keep them away from all their pain. Rani finds Raja arranging bed near Gunwant’s room to help him at night.

Rani 6oo gets her bed and places it besides Raja’s. Gunwant rings the bell and Raja goes to him. Gunwant asks for water and Raja goes to get it. He feeds him water and leaves while Kirdida and Gunwant laughs at his foolishness.

Raja asks Rani to go to room but before he could complete once again Gunwant calls him. He brings newspaper for him. Rani says she’s fine there. They ring the bell again ior fun and keeps asking silly things. Rani feels bad for Raja. Rani decides to do something for Raja’s suffering. Kirdida comes out to see Rani sleeping with Raja and gets irked.

Next day Hitank is doing work while Raja is feeding Gunwant. Kirdida asks Darshana to prepare for Mahashivratri and asks Raja to help him. Mehul insults Raja while Rani gets sad.

Aasha too accepts Raja’s decision and Rani hears it. Rani sees goats and gets an idea. She shows Raja the same. She says that the goats are not even tied up but still they are not going away from him as they think that they get food only if they are with their owner.

Raja says that it has other way too. He says that it can be like the goats love it’s owner just like he loves his family. Everyone leaves for shop including Gunwant. Raja too wants to accompany but Kirdida reminds him of his promise.

Precap : Rani gets a diary while Gunwant and Kirdida gets worried about getting exposed.