Shubharambh 21st February 2020 Written Update: Rani gets a way to persuade Raja

The episode starts with Raja and Rani preparing for pooja. Rani wants to complete their talk but Raja says that his decision is final. Rani says her talk is still on.

Rani tries talking to him but Raja says that if it is about him then he would’ve definitely gone for shop but it’s about his family. He says that his decision is final and asks for her to end it there and leaves. Rani finds few book. Pooja takes place and all the couples pray together. Rani prays God to show right way for Raja.

Rani finds the offering milk falling on books and she moves it. She finds a diary of Raja’s father Danwant diary. She reads the diary and thinks that the diary has the same thoughts about blind trust as hers. She thanks God for showing her the way and says that now none can stop Raja from going to shop. Pandit calls Raja for praying and Aasha asks Rani to join. She joins him and performs pooja.

Rani tries calling Raja but he’s busy. Darshana asks Rani what’s she doing. Rani shows her the diary and reads it out for her where his father has mentioned that none should back out from their duty in blind trust. She says that Raja will definitely listen to his father’s words once he sees the diary.

Kirdida hears it and gets scared. She tries stopping Raja with the help of Gunwant but gets shocked seeing him coming out with Raja. She tries to take the diary away from Rani.

Kirdida informs Gunwant about the diary and he asks her to stop it from reaching Raja at any cost. She calls Raja and Rani to perform arti and Rani keeps it aside. Kirdida wonders where she kept the diary while Raja and Rani performs Arti. After Arti Rani takes the diary and goes to Raja but Kirdida makes some excuse and sends Raja away. She gets succeeded in separating Raja and Rani and Gunwant and Kirdida smirks.

However they gets shocked when Raja calls Rani to get his wallet. Rani says that she needs to talk something important with him. She’s about to confess when Gunwant pretends falling down from wheel chair. Raja and Rani rushes to him.

Raja asks how this happened. Gunwant says that he tried doing his work himself. He says that he feels ashamed to keep ringing the bell. Raja says that now no need to ring the bell as he will stay by him 24*7. Rani wonders how to inform Raja about the diary. Raja says that from today he will sleep in his room.

Kirdida thinks to burn the diary in the meantime so that Raja won’t get it. Rani is in her room and wonders how to show the diary to Raja. Kirdida gives Mahashivratri prasad to Rani. Rani takes ot looking at the diary. Kirdida has mixed sleeping pills in it and Rani drinks it.

Precap : Kirdida burns the diary. Tani understands that someone burnt the diary. She finds chappal footprint and decides to find the person.