Shubharambh 22nd October 2020 Written Update: Raja’s condition gets worse

Shubharambh 22nd October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mihir takes Raja’s photo frame without anyone’s knowledge which Rani kept there to do pooja and seeing the photo frame he says in this Karva Chauth he can’t spend time with Rani and puts that photo frame in the havan kund and leaves from there.

Rani says Raja’s jacket is missing from morning which she kept beside the trophy and asks Darshana that did she saw that anywhere. Darshana says it will be in her room only, they will search it after finishing the pooja. Rani says she will bring Raja’s photo and goes towards the dinning table. Asha notices Raja’s photo from in havan kund and calls Rani saying the photo frame is here.

Rani comes there and Asha shows the photo frame, everyone shocks seeing that. Rani takes the photo frame and wonders how it reached here and who did this. Hitank says they would have brought it here with other pooja things. Asha tells Rani to clean the photo frame saying they has to start the pooja. Rani thinks Raja should not feel afraid because she won’t let anything happen to him.

She prays to God to give her strength to fight if it’s indicating that Raja is in danger. After pooja Asha tells Darshana to take blessings from Kirtida. Darshana says Kirtida went to hospital with Gunvant. Asha says she is also like her mother in law and blesses her. Then she blesses Rani and says she will bring her husband to this house soon.

Mihir overhears everything and says let’s see whose fast has more strength and says he is also fasting to win her and she kept for Raja and says he prepared some blast for her and it will break all her hopes and dreams. Rani thinks seeing the photo frame that whoever is behind this she won’t let that person get succeed. Rani’s father expresses his worry to Utsav. Rani comes there and asks what happened to Raja. He says for surgery they need lot of blood which is not available now, Kesha said she will donate her blood but Mihir denied to take it from her saying she is pregnant, she too fought with him so he sent her to home.

Rani says Raja’s blood group is A- if Kesha can’t donate then from where they can get blood for him. He says they have just 30 minutes before that they has to arrange the blood. Rani asks him did they checked the blood bank. He says they checked everywhere but didn’t get it. Hitank says they has to arrange the blood instead thinking hospital will do something. Rani, Utsav and Hitank leaves from there to find blood for Raja.

Darshana consoles the crying Asha. One doctor informs Mihir that Raja’s family went to search blood for him. Mihir says now the real game begins. Rani starts to ask everyone about their blood group and gets to know that there is 1more blood bank is there. Hitank calls Rani and says he didn’t get blood anywhere, because A- blood is in demand and Utsav too said the same thing. Rani pleads the Milk man to give his bicycle to her saying she has to reach the blood bank and she is not getting any auto. He gives it to her and she reaches the blood bank.

Asha prays to God that Rani should get blood for Raja. From blood bank Rani gets to know that A- blood is not available. Mihir says this city’s all of the A- blood he collected already now how will Rani save Raja. Nurse calls Mihir saying Raja’s condition is not good. Asha cries seeing that. Rani comes out of the blood bank and cries thinking about her helplessness.

Episode ends.

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