Shubharambh 24th February 2020 Written Update: Kirdida burns the diary

The episode starts with Rani looking at the diary with the milk in her hands. Kirdida waits for Rani to have the sleeping pill mixed milk. However Rani leaves saying that Raja will not sleep without pillow and goes to give it. She takes the diary with her irking Kirdida. Raja is massaging Gunwant’s legs when Rani comes with the pillow.

She keeps the diary over the pillow and prays for Raja to read the diary. Gunwant sees the diary. Rani apologizes silently to Raja and leaves the room. Gunwant gets determined to stop Raja from reading the diary. He tries sending Raja away with some excuse.

Rani comes back to her room and Kirdida gives the milk and asks Rani to drink it. Rani is about to drink it but Raja comes there rushing. He says that she’s right and he’ll not trust any blind belief anymore. Rani gets happy hearing it. Rani is about to run towards Raja but Kirdida stops her. She says that she’s dreaming with opening eyes. She asks her to drink the milk and Rani drinks it. Kirdida gets happy.

Gunwant says that he’s feeling cold and sends Raja away to get the blanket. He’s about to take the diary but it falls down. He takes it and escapes getting caught at the nick of time. Raja finds him shivering and covers with blanket. He goes to sleep. Gunwant decides to message Kirdida once Raja sleeps.

Mehul is on call with his girlfriend when Jharna tries overhearing it but her phone rings and Mehul gets alert. He curs the call and acts sleeping. Jharna gets doubtful and tries waking him up but he continues sleeping. She decides to check on his phone and unlocks his mobile using his face id and finger print but it doesn’t work. She leaves irked.

Kirdida finds Rani asleep and Kirdida gets Gunwant’s message. She leaves after checking on Rani. She takes the diary and on her way finds Aasha. She hides in the storeroom. She decides to burn the diary there itself and burns it in a havan.

While leaving her footprint gets imprinted on the cement. Raja is working when Rani comes there and asks if he read it. Raja says he did. She asks if he did completely but he said only half. Gunwant wonders how did Raja read the diary and if Kirdida burnt the wrong diary.

Precap : Rani finds that someone mixed sleeping pill in her milk and realizes that same happened with Raja.