Shubharambh 24th March 2020 Written Update: Raja signs the property on Gunwant’s name

Shubharambh 24th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raja saying Hitank and Mehak that they have equal rights on the property. He announces that he wants to rename all the properties on Gunwant. Fufa ji asks Raja to write whatever he wants in the stamp paper and sign it. Rani tries stopping him but he doesn’t listen. She pleads but still he signs the papers.

Fufa ji praises Gunwant for a good upbringing of Raja and Gunwant and Kirdida smirks hearing it. Fufa ji too supports Raja’s decision while Rani stands helpless. Aasha thinks that whether Raja took the right decision or not but somewhere she feels wrong. Kirdida fake praises Raja and says that even her own sons won’t do this for them. She smirks at Rani.

Raja asks Rani what will she do now as now all her dreams of malkin of the house is ruined. He says that if she wants she can stay here but all she gets is food, shelter and clothes and nothing more. Rani recalls all the moments with Raja and decides to get justice for him without giving up on him. Raja asks Aasha if she’s hurt with his decision but Aasha says that they can blindly trust on Gunwant. They hug each other. Mehul dances happily while Jharna is proud of herself for being right about choosing Mehul over Raja.

Mehul gets the blackmailer’s call who asks for his wife’s mangalsutra. Jharna leaves to Bath and Mehul decides to get the mangalsutra as she would’ve removed it for bathing. However Jharna catches him and asks what’s he doing with her mangalsutra.

Mehul lies that he’s going to get a much bigger and better than this. Jharna gets happy and Mehul leaves. Jharna gets Divya’s call who says about Mehul’s affair with her and about his lies. But Jharna fails believing it and badmouths Divya for speaking ill about her husband.

Divya asks her to see herself with her own eyes and then she can believe it. Jharna gets confused. Rani filled Fufa ji who kept ignoring her and finally pleads him to have a two minute conversation with him. Fufa ji agrees only for two minutes.

Precap : Raja gives divorce to Rani and says that now it’s her decision to stay in the house or leave as it doesn’t matter to him any more. He asks others to not force her to leave too as its her choice. He leaves giving divorce papers to her.