Shubharambh 24th September 2020 Written Update: Raja and Rani scored a perfect 10 in the competition

Shubharambh 24th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Rani returns to her home but her legs and hands are badly injured. Seeing her return at home, her mother-in-law and Hetal shouted and is about to speak about her legs condition but she signs to them not to say anything because that can make Raja feel bad. Raja comes near Rani and hugs her to believe that she is doing alright.

she says to Raja that I am fine and I will be in the room within 10 minutes after I get freshened up. She is having difficulty in her leg but still she keeps mum for Raja. she gets ready and sits down with her mother in law and sister in law to prepare the sole of the shoes. She is asking Raja to give her instructions while she will do the work.

Raja is instructing her how to put the soles in proper shape and how to make it in a comfortable way for people to wear. She is following his instructions and is doing whatever he is asking for. However, in between, she accidentally gives a little bit more pressure on her leg and that causes her pain. Her mother-in-law gets married and says that you already have burnt skins on your legs and Raja gets to hear it.

He comes down from the bed and tries to check the foot of Rani and gets to know she is injured. He gets worried for her and tries to put medicine and ointment on her wounds. Rani sales blades and touched with the care that Raja is showing for her and she promises to herself that she will do anything to keep this love alive. Raja applies the paste that Rani got from the Rewadi community people Indrani again sits for making the shoe soles.

The entire night went away like this while they are working together as a team. In the morning, Rani says that I have done with the shoe making and she shows the same to Raja and he says that the soul is looking so strong and comfortable to wear. They went for the competition and displayed their shoes along with the other contestants. Raja is asking Nani to give him updates about what is going on and she says that the judges are checking the shoes of everybody and evaluating them.

The term for Raja and Rani has also come and they get tensed. On the other hand, inside the house, Gunvant and Kirtida are watching TV to see Raja and Rani losing the competition. They are not allowing the mother of Raja to watch the TV as well. Hetal says to her that we can watch the competition on my phone itself and we don’t need a television set for that. All of them settle down for the ground to get over and the scores to get displayed on the screen. one after another each and everybody’s scores are being displayed on the screen.

At last, it was turned for Raja and Rani scores and the first digit 1 has shown up on the screen and everybody thought that they may have scored 1 only out of 10. Rani gets upset to see the result and says to Raja that I want to say sorry to you for not being able to make a proper shoe sole. Suddenly Raja and Rani both noticed that the display board is showing 10 for them as marks and the organizers has said that Jodi number 11 has broked the records and scored a perfect 10 in this competition for the first time.

Raja and Rani get emotional over this and everyone else congratulates them. after this course The other contestants walk up to Raja and ask may I know what kind of technique and equipment you have used to make your shoes sole? Rani says I’m everything that all happened and one of the contestants says if you have used a Khakra maker then it is not a proper way to make shoes and this is cheating. yahan of the organization from there and save that whether it is a part of cheating or not that is something I will decide not you. Raja and Rani get worried about this now.

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