Shubharambh 25th February 2020 Written Update: Rani learns a shocking truth

The episode starts with Rani asking Raja did he read it. He said he did. They both misunderstand for diary with physiotherapy report of Gunwant. Rani clears to him while Raja says that he didn’t saw any such diary.

Rani tries searching it while Gunwant thinks that she can never find it. At dining table everyone are present. Rani says about finding Danwant’s diary but it went missing. She says about blind belief mentikned6in the diary.

Mehul mocks her for cooking up a story in order to make her husband go to shop. Raja warns him and Gunwant too acts shutting him up. Raja asks me her not to worry. He says if shr found it then it would be somewhere there. Rani gets worried.

Rani is working in the kitchen recalling the past moments where Raja is treated badly. Rani cuts her hand while thinking about it. She then sees the boiling milk and with absent mind tries lifting it with bare hands and gets burned.

Raja comes there running and aids her fingers with turmeric. He says that ge can understand that she’s worried that her husband is not working but says that he will do online marketing for shop so that both she and Mote Papa won’t feel bad. He finds her tired and asks if she wants to have chilli like she did when he felt asleep. She recalls their time together. Raja cleans the spilled milk asking her to rest.

Rani finds the chilli and recalls giving it into Raja to prevent him from asleep while preparing for valentine’s day. She checks her used glasses and finds left over sleeping pills in her glass and gets shocked. She understands that someone has mixed sleeping pills in her milk so that they can stop Raja from reading the diary.

Rani gets shocked with the revelation. She also understands that someone has mixed pills in Raja’s food too that day. She realizes that someone doesn’t want Raja to go to shop and thus doing all this.

Jharna comes go shop where Divya is also present. Divya finds Jharna and hides. She rushes to go out after paying but gets encountered with her. Jharna finds her behaviour strange.

Divya while leaving in hurry leaves her mobile on floor. Jharna picks it and calls her but she has already left. She gets shocked when she finds Mehul calling the phone but before shr could attend it the battery dies. Rani understands that someone doesn’t want Raja to go to shop. She thinks that if it gets proved then whole house will be broken. She thinks without proof she can’t blame anyone. She wonders how to find proof.

Darshana is finding guddi’s stuff and Raja helps her. Rani offers her help and they both lift the box to find many water pumps. Rani shares her childhood memory with Raja. Raja leaves as Kirdida calls him. Rani finds the diary’s burnt bit and understands that her suspicion is true.

Precap : Rani finds the slipper print and searches for the person.