Shubharambh 26th August 2020 Written Update: Rani and Raja’s happy moments

Shubharambh 26th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mukesh Bhai giving 10001 rupees to Raja and Rani. He says that they did what they said and thus he’s giving the franchise to them. Raja thanks him and he asks them to sign the contract tomorrow. Rani is very much excited over it. She rejoices her victory and wants to dance.

Raja starts dancing on road and Rani shies. Raja asks her to do what her heart wants. They both dance on road. Raja and Rani hug each other and wonders what to do with the money. Raja decides to give something to her as he never bought her anything from the day of their marriage. He gives the money to her and asks her to buy whatever she wants.

Rani says she knows what she wants to buy. Kirdida is fuming over the fact that she got fooled by Rani and Aasha. Gunwant shuts her and scolds her. Kirdida is blabbering when Kesha passes by the side. Gunwant sees her and thinks of something. He smiles having a plan.

Raja and Rani comes home and Aasha welcomes them. Aasha gets emotional recalling Dhanwant memories. Rani shows Aasha the ring she bought with the money.

Aasha loves it and asks Rani to wear it. However Rani reveals that the ring is for Aasha. Aasha gets emotional saying that she has changed now and don’t want the ring. Rani says that her children will take care of all the sufferings of her from the day she lost Gunwant.

Aasha and Rani hugs emotionally. Rani finds her room dark and switches on the light. Raja gives her dress and asks her to get ready soon. Raja too starts getting ready.

Rani comes out seeing all the decorations in the room. The room is filled with disco lights and is filled with party stuffs. Raja and Rani starts dancing seeing laptop. Rani switches off the laptop and decides to dance the way they pleas.

Aasha is admiring the ring and decides to show it off to Kirdida. She calls out for her but finds the room empty. She wonders where they are. Kirdida and Gunwant are in Mukesh’s shop and Kirdida asks what they are doing there for two hours.

Mukesh asks them to leave but Gunwant proposes a deal with him. They both discuss over something. Mukesh Bhai smiles in the end. Raja and Rani are tired dancing when Aasha comes there.

She gets surprised seeing everything and is about to leave in order to not disturb them. Raja stops her and brings cake. He video calls Utsav and Chukki. Utsav surprises them with Rani’s father who’s back.

Raja, Rani and Aasha cuts the cake together and feeds each other. They cuts the call and Aasha too takes the leave blessing them. Utsav’s owner thanks him for the note that Kesha reconciled with him.

He gives him money and leaves. Utsav hopes that he didn’t do anything wrong. Gunwant and Kirdida leave happily wishing Mukesh Bhai. Raja and Rani dreams of happy life.

Precap : Rani and Raja awaits for Mukesh Bhai and he comes but to their shock he’s there to fix his son’s marriage with Kesha. Gunwant greets him.