Shubharambh 26th February 2020 Written Update: Rani finds Kirdida to be the culprit

The episode starts with Rani finding the burnt bits of Danwant’s diary. She find slipper print on cement and understands that it’s the culprit. She takes picture of the slipper print to find whose it is. Rani is decoding about whose slippers mark it is. She writes the names of family members and tries finding but couldn’t figure out anything. She thinks that it’s holy celebration and everyone will be at home. She decides to find the person.

Jharna charges Divya’s phone and Mehul finds it. Jharna hides the mobile and tries cooking up an excuse. Both have a cat and mouse chase over the phone. In the process phone falls down and breaks and Mehul gets happy. Jharna decides to find the truth.

Raja gets mesmerise seeing Rani whose concentration is on everyone’s slippers. She looks at Raja who signals her that she looks beautiful. Raja and Rani performs pooja for holi fire. Everyone takes round around the fire. Mehul, Raja and Hitank lights it up. After pooja Keesha calls everyone for dance. She makes Raja and Rani pair up for dance.

Raja dreams of dancing with Rani. Rani matches everyone slipper prints with the photo of the culprit’s slipper print but nothing matches. Raja asks what happened but Rani hides it. Raja says about Kirdida’s slipper tearing and him giving his to her. Rani gets doubtful on Kirdida and decides to check properly.

Rani asks Raja Where’s the torn slipper. Raja says he threw it in Dustbin. Rani goes to search it. She digs the Dustbin but couldn’t find it. She checks in the vehicle and finds the slipper. She matches it with the photo and finds it matching.

Rani gets furious and looks angrily at Kirdida. She decides to check Kirdida’s room for another slipper. She goes to her room and finds her other slippers. She gets confirmed that it’s Kirdida who wants to ruin Raja’s life. She recalls all the moments where Kirdida played with her and Raja’s life and gets furious.

Precap : Aasha says that Kirdida is playing a big game. If she tries proving it then her relationship with Raja can be collapsed. Rani says that she will do anything for Raja’s welfare. Rani makes Raja feed sweets to Kirdida to bring the truth out of her own mouth.