Shubharambh 26th March 2020 Written Update: Raja learns the truth about Rani

Shubharambh 26th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raja asking everyone to not trouble Rani or ask her to go out as it’s totally her wish to leave the house. He signs the divorce papers and gives it to her and leaves. Gunwant and Kirdida laughs at her and Gunwant says that she tried all possible ways to reveal his truth but everything went in vain.

Kirdida says that she was happy that Raja married a servant like her but she even found out their truth and now she’s happy their years of hardwork as turned fruitful. Gunwant says that tomorrow is Ram Navami and he will crowned as the owner of the shop too legally.

Rani asks him to not fly high and stays that truth always won and she’ll never let them win. She says that a wife can do anything and she’ll make it happen. Gunwant praises Rani for still having hope even after losing everything. Rani says that she’ll never let Raja to be their worker.

Raja and Fufa ji are in car and they both praise Gunwant for handling the family so well. The car comes in halt and when Raja enquired he gets to know that a drunkard is creating scene. Raja goes to check and Fufa ji follows him. Raja finds Rani’s father and her mother trying to take him away.

Raja asks what happened and Rani’s mother says that it’s his routine but since Utsav is not home she couldn’t manage. Raja helps him and keeps him aside. Fufa ji asks who it is and Raja says that he’s Rani’s father. Fufa ji feels disgusted. Rani’s father praises Raja and his pairing with Rani. He says that Rani loves him a lot and never lied to him. Raja gets confused hearing it. He says that she lied only once for her brother that she stole the money but she didn’t.

Raja gets extremely shocked so is Fufa ji. Fufa ji recalls Rani saying the same to him. Raja asks her mother about it. At first she tries hiding but then reveals that it’s true on Raja’s insistence. Raja recalls all the time Rani lied to him about the theft and him accusing her. He gets confused.

Rani looks worried at divorce papers but thinks that once truth is out then it will be solved automatically and wonders what to do. Darshana asks Rani to speak with Raja as she knows Raja loves her as much as she does. Rani recalls their promise and decides to talk with Raja.

On the other hand Raja is confused whether he should talk with Rani and asks why did she unnecessarily blame Gunwant and Kirdida if she doesn’t want money. Rani comes there and says that she want to talk with him about divorce but Raja denies and leaves. While leaving his wallet which has Rani’s picture falls down. Rani thanks God for showing her the hope.

Next day Aasha searches everyone at home to go to shop but none were present. Rani mocks her that everyone has left leaving her and Raja alone to come in rickshaw. Aasha asks her not to act oversmart and leaves searching for Raja. Rani calls someone and says that she’s coming.