Shubharambh 27th December 2019 Written Update: Jharna gets to know the truth |Vrinda meets Rani

The episode starts with Inspector scolding Raja and Rani for without getting permission. Rani argues with him and Raja consoles her. She says God can never bear her happiness. Raja decides to handle it. He takes inspector aside. He says that she’s his fiancee. He promised to fulfill her wishes and asks him to let it go while he’ll complete the paper works later. Inspector agrees and asks him to not trouble anyone. Raja informs that they got permission to and Rani gets extremely happy.

Utsav’s friend video calls him. He blackmails him to reveal the lottery issue to his sister’s future mother in law. He shows her video where she’s purchasing beside him. Aasha thinks the guy to be a stalker and hides. Jharna is present in the same place in a car with Mehul. They romance and Mehul approaches for kids. Jharna sees Aasha and gets doubtful. She fakes injury and diverts Mehul. Utsav meets Aasha and Aasha reveals about the secret of their match making which is the lottery amount. Jharna understands their reason and smirks.

Vrinda and her son in law discuss about marriage expenses. She asks him to not reveal about their agreement to Rani else she’ll deny marrying and he agrees. He says that after marriage they need to vacate the house. He says he arranged a space for them in chawal. Vrinda agrees to go wherever he wants after marriage. Rani asks Where’s she going. Vrinda tries explaining but popat manages the situation. Vrinda asks Rani to go to parlour as its her marriage but Rani denies stating expenses.

Raja helps Kirdada with the beauty parlour things. Raja plans something. Vrinda is still convincing Rani for going to parlour. The beautician arrives at the same time shocking everyone. She says that Raja has sent her. Rani gets happy while her sister taunts her and gets sad . She sees Raja near window and gets happy but it turns out to be her dream. She asks is the cosmetics are expensive. She says Raja asked to treat her with the best service. Rani gets extremely happy while her sister fumes in Jealousy.

Rani asks how did she find the way to her house for which the beautician replied that Raja has dropped her there. Rani gets extremely happy and realizes that it’s not a dream. She immediately rushes out leaving everything and finds Raja playing cricket. They both meet and greets each other. She thanks him for the service. Both didn’t want to leave each other. They both falls hopelessly for each other.

Jharna says her mother about Rani bringing 50 lakh for the family. She says she knows well about the family and they prefer money first and that’s why she chose Mehul over Raja . She says that she will inform it to Kirdada. Raja and Rani are selecting invitations. Jharna informs Kirdada about the lottery money shocking her to the core.

Precap : Kirdada informs Hitan of the same and they decide to call off the marriage. Hitan asks Vrinda to stop everything.