Shubharambh 27th February 2020 Written Update: Rani and Aasha’s combined plan

The episode starts with Rani deciding to tell the truth to Raja but is doubtful whether Raja will believe her. Keesha makes Raja stand with Rani to click family picture but Kirdida calls him to sit with her. Raja looks at the board which has names of the family members she suspected. She’s about to reveal the truth but recalls Raja’s blind love for Kirdida and decides to not say anything. She lies that it’s holy gift lift. Raja says he finds her troubled and asks her the reason for it. She says that her friend has a problem.

Rani explains Raja’s situation in the form of her friend’s husband. She asks what should he do. Raja says that they should still give the culprit a chance as they are family. Hearing his answers Rani decides to hide it from Raja and prove with full proof.

Aasha finds some knocking on door at late night and opens to find Rani. Rani says they she wants to talk something important and Aasha asks her to get in. Rani explains whatever happened to Aasha. Aasha gets shocked hearing it. Aasha falls down angry at Kirdida. Rani says that she already said about Kirdida and today she herself found it. Aasha asks did she reveal the truth to Raja. She says she tried but couldn’t as Raja blindly trusts her.

Aasha blames herself for asking Raja to share his rights with everyone in her insecurity. She says that she’s very well aware of her true face and tries bringing itnin front of everyone but every time Kirdida reverse it back to her. Rani says that it will not happen this time and she’s reveal Kirdida’s true face to Raja. Aasha asks her to be careful as if Raja gets to know about then he may even break his relationship with her. Rani say a that she can do anything for Raja’s welfare.

Rani shows sweets to Aasha. Aasha asks if it works for sure but Rani says that once Kirdida haves the bhaang sweet she herself will reveal the truth. Aasha complains her about Raja getting coloured every year by Kirdida and not her.

Rani says that she’ll not let that happen anymore and Aasha asks her to proceed. Rani is about to apply color on Raja but Raja stops her and says proudly that Kirdida always colors him first. Rani plans something seeing Kirdida approaching with color. Rani successfully colors Raja first and Aasha gets happy.

Kirdida gets furious. Rani makes Raja feed the bhaang sweets with his own hands to Kirdida and she haves it. Keesha calls them for celebrating. Rani asks Raja sorry as it’s a mistake. Raja leaves irritated.

Precap : Raja and Rani dance. Kirdida confesses to Aasha.