Shubharambh 27th October 2020 Written Update: Rani decides to celebrate Karwachauth with Raja in the hospital

Shubharambh 27th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rani hugs Mihir which shocks him. He recalls the past and hugs her back. He tells her that whatever he did till now was just to show her how much he loves her and he is happy today because now she knows how much he loves her. He says without her he struggled a lot in this life but now he won’t let her go away from him.

 And everything turned out to be his dream and he sees Rani standing in front of him clueless. She says he already knows how much she loves Raja, if anything happened to him today then he would not forgive herself and thanks him for saving Raja. He says already one family member said thanks to him so she need not to follow him to say thanks and leaves from there.

She says he is complicated person but he is good and he changed totally so she should trust him, because of him only today she can celebrate her first Karwachauth. Hitank convinces Asha to leave with him. Rani asks about other family members. He says Mihir ordered them to return to home saying hospital staff will take care of Raja and he is doing fine now.

Rani says she will complete her Karwachauth with Raja in the hospital only till then she will finish the household chores. Mihir says Rani will celebrate Karwachauth with him only and they will celebrate in a way that she would not even dreamed about it. He calls someone and talks about some blast.

Rani asks Darshana about Raja’s blue jacket. Darshana says it will be in her room only, they will search it later. Asha gives dress and pooja things to Rani and tells her to reach the hospital on time because moon will be visible for 10 minutes only. Asha gives same things to Darshana too which makes her happy and emotional. She says Darshana is the one who used to understand her before Rani comes here.

Rani and Darshana hugs Asha. Asha tells them to get ready on time and leaves from there. Rani says she won’t leave Gunvant, Kirtida for what they did today and asks about them to Darshana. Darshana says they are sleeping. Rani says she won’t let them sleep peacefully and they deserves punishment for their mistake. Gunvant and Kirtida was sleeping. He says he is not able to move and they realises that their hands are tied with each other and they also tied with the bed. He asks who is playing with them and shocks seeing Rani there.

Rani says she already warned them to not do anything against Raja but they didn’t listen her. Kirtida says they did nothing this time. Gunvant says Rani would have misunderstood because they knows nothing about blood. Rani says they has to stay like this only until Raja returns from the hospital and she leaves the room. She was preparing for pooja and hallucinates Raja again. He tells her to get ready first saying he is waiting for her.

Darshana prepares one more pooja plate for Mihir saying he is also kept fast for his wife and he is not with his wife today because of them. Rani decides to arrange the meeting for Mihir and his wife so goes to his room and starts to search his wife’s mobile number. She was about to see her photo frame but Mihir stops her holding her hand and pins her on the cupboard. She tells him to leave her hand.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mihir sends bomb to Asha as a gift and calls from unknown number to Rani and tells her to save Asha if she could.

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