Shubharambh 29th October 2020 Written Update: Utsav reveals Kesha’s truth to his family

Shubharambh 29th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Asha calls Rani and informs her that she got her gift and says she is proud that he got her as her daughter in law in fact she is her daughter. Rani was not able to hear properly because of traffic and says she didn’t send any gift to her but Asha didn’t hear that. Rani wonders about which gift Asha was talking about. Mihir calls Rani from unknown number and says he send bomb to Asha and tells her to save her if she can then.

Rani thinks who would have called her now and suspects Gunvant, Kirtida and runs towards the house to save Asha. One side Asha was unpacking the gift with excitement to know what Rani sent for her and Mihir starts his countdown saying Rani may reach anytime and others Rani prays to God to save Asha while running back to house. Rani enters the house and tells Asha to not open the gift but Asha already opened it and Mihir presses the bomb remote and the blast happens. He smirks seeing Asha’s condition and moves towards Rani to see she is fine or not. But Rani ignores him and runs towards Asha.

Hitank, Darshana and Rani helps Asha to sit and gives water to her. But Asha denies to take it and says Rani needs to complete her fast on time because it’s important for Raja and tells her to go to the hospital instead of caring about her. Mihir checks Asha and says because of blast she is in shock and tells others to give anything to eat and also Asha needs rest now. Asha keep telling Rani to go to hospital to complete her fast.

Mihir thinks Asha is so adamant so he has to do something and gives the medicine to her so she can sleep. Hitank asks who would have done this. Rani says it’s definitely done by Gunvant, Kirtida only. Hitank says but they are locked inside the room then how its possible. Rani says they have mobile with them and no one can do like this other than them. Hitank drags Gunvant out of the room. Gunvant gets angry and yells at him and gets confused seeing everything and says he doesn’t know anything about this.

Rani says they only send bomb to Asha and anything would have happen to her because of them. Gunvant scolds Rani and says instead of wasting time on them she should find the real culprit because they are behind this and leaves from there. Utsav tells his parents that he knows that he hurted them by hiding the truth but that time he didn’t had any other choice and he had to support Kesha, because somehow he was also responsible for her condition and her parents were not ready to accept her. His mother asks how he is responsible for Kesha’s condition. He says the guy who left Kesha was his boss and apologize to his parents. His mother says she will forgive him if he leaves Kesha then. But Utsav denied to leave Kesha saying she is his wife legally still they wants her to leave this house then he will also leave with her.

Rani decides to do pooja with Raja’s portrait. Raja wakes up and keep calling Rani. Seeing that the Nurse calls Rani. Rani gets happy hearing Raja’s voice. Then she starts the pooja with others ladies. She thinks without Raja she is incomplete. Mihir thinks now Rani will complete her fast with him only according to his plan.

Episode ends.

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