Shubharambh 2nd December 2019 Written Update: Raja and Rani’s story begins!

The episode starts with a guy calling Rani. A little girl comes running and rides with him behind his cycle with a kite in her hands. On the other side a little boy too is flying kite in a car besides her father. They both meet on the road besides each other. Both their father have different thinking about people. Raja’s kite reaches Little Rani. They both go in opposite direction. Raja is enjoying his birthday in his father’s shop with his mote papa and his sons. Rani asks about big shop of Raja’s and their small shop. He’s a road side shoe polisher but his daughter have big dreams.

A grand party is organised for Raja’s birthday. Raja’s mother praises Mota bhai and Mota bhabhi. Everyone praises their bond. Their script mother in law forces to get mehandi on their hands. Raja’s mother taunts Mota bhabhi for being poor. They both fight about who will open the mehandi packet. Raja’s mother insults Moat bhabhi for living on their money and leaves. Mota bhabhi fumes.

Rani’s mother is working as a cook in the party. Raja is riding a camel with his cousins when his father feels discomfort. Rani stands on the camel’s way and keeps asking questions. Raja asks the camel rider to get him down as he’s hungry. He actually gets down to let Rani ride the camel as she wished for it. Camel man asks for money and she asks to get it from her father. She shows her father who falls down stumbling. Rani and her mother rushes to him only to find him drunk. Rani looks at the alcohol bottle as she has planned a lot with that money. Raja watches her sad.

Raja asks his mother about Rani who says that not everyone are as lucky as him. She takes his arti and Mota bhabhi watches irked. Raja cuts the cake and offers a piece to Rani. Rani denies it. He asks if she wants to do magical ride that too free. They go rounds as a train. His mother scolds him for playing with poor people. His father sees it and scolds her. He asks her to learn something from Raja. He asks Raja to be like this forever. They all dance.

All of a sudden Raja’s father gets heart attack and falls hugging his son. His mother thinks that he’s hugging him and slowly he dies. His mother shouts seeing it. Later everyone gather for his funeral. Moti papa sits stunned. His mother consoles Raja’s mother. Everyone discuss about who will take care of such a big business. Moti papa steps forward to take care of everything. He says that Raja will be forever owner. Later he smirks seeing his wife proving them evil.

Both Raja and Rani gets harassed by stealing the shoes. Moti bhabhi shows her true colors to Raja’s mother. Raja and Rani says it to their mother. Rani’s mother asks her to be brave and fight for his rights while Raja’s mother asks him to be a coward and not fight for his rights. Rani goes and beats the bullies to get her shoes back while Raja goes to give it to others. Raja watches it sad and gets hurt with barefoot under the sun. Rani recalls him giving her cake and she gives her shoes to him. Their new journey starts.

Raja works as a servant in his own house working under Moti Papa and Moti Bhabhi’s orders. They keeps ordering him while his mother gets irked. He’s so soft hearted and doesn’t understand them using him. He sees the shoes gifted by Rani. Rani on the other hand is working as a shoe keeper who’s strict and shrewd. Moti Bhabhi snatches the slippers and his mother gets it back to him. Moti Bhabhi acts giving her slippers and Raja let’s go off the slippers. She sells it to waste paper seller and his mom watches it fuming. Raja watches his sad remembering Rani. On the other side Rani is doing business happily. To Raja’s happiness the shoes fall on the road and he gets happy as he can give it to Rani. Rani is over the dreams of golden shoes and complains god. Moti Bhabhi treats her daughter in law badly. Moti papa fakes affection on Raja.

Rani is irked with her chachu and chachi eating on her money but her mother controls her. Her father is still the same. Rani tackles them and sends them away. Before Raja could start eating Moti papa and Moti Mama sends him away for work. His mother fumes. On the other hand before Rani could eat she gets an emergency and leaves. Raja returns after completing his work and his mom takes him to eat. They once again interrupt his food. Moti mummy makes him leave without having food. Rani comes back after completing her work only to find her father had all her food. Her brother gets angry but Rani controls him saying that they are her father. Rani sits to have food only to find her mother hurt with burns. Rani helps his mother.

Raja’s mother complains to her husband’s photo and Moti Mummy smirks. Everyone celebrates Palki and Raja sees it. Rani gives temporary tattoo yo everyone there for money. Raja and Rani keeps their prayers and is about to pick the same money

Precap : Raja and Rani meeting.