Shubharambh 2nd November 2020 Written Update: Rani tries to find Raja’s medical report

Shubharambh 2nd November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Darshana feeds Rani and says she should have confronted Mihir and throw him out of the house. Rani says by confronting him she is putting Raja’s life in danger and he can do anything to get her. Darshana says she can’t believe that being a Doctor how can he do something like this. Rani says she is not understanding that but she knows he can stoop any low to get and says she is his weakness and Raja is her weakness.

Darshana asks what is she thinking to do next. Rani wipes her tears and says from now the real fight begins and she will become the reason for Mihir’s destroy. Mihir was bathing and gets surprised seeing Rani in the bathroom and asks what is she doing here. She asks can’t she come here. He says he didn’t expected her here like this. She says it’s not like only he can have feelings for her, she also has feelings for him. He was about to kiss her and it turnes out to be his dream. He says he will made this as reality soon and he can understand that now she can’t come to him but he can see her whenever he wants and moves towards her room. He enters her room.

Darshana gets afraid who was sleeping in Rani’s bed and recalls what Rani told her. Rani said to her that she contacted another Doctor for Rani and he is ready to treat Raja but he wants his medical report which is in the hospital. Darshana told her to go hospital till then she will handle Mihir here. Rani says Mihir may come to her room at midnight to see her and says she can’t afford to let him know that she knows his truth so tells Darshana to take her place and sleep in her room.

Darshana prays to God to help Rani to find the files and covers her fully with blanket. Rani reaches the hospital and moves towards Mihir’s cabin thinking file will be there only. She gets an idea seeing the changing room and enters that room. Mihir sits beside Darshana and thinks he has to do something soon so he can unite with Rani for forever. Darshana prays to God to save her. Mihir was about to remove the blanket but stops hearing someone’s footsteps. Rani comes out wearing Ward boy’s uniform and tries to find Raja’s files in Mihir’s laptop and shocks realising no file is there. She hides there when she heard someone entering the cabin.

Two nurses enters the cabin to put something on his table and from their talks Rani gets to know that Mihir keeps paper file with him about his patients. Mihir leaves from there thinking no one should see him in Rani’s room. Darshana gets relived. Rani meets Raja and says if he was with her then they would have faced this difficult situation together like they always do. She thinks she won’t let Mihir win and will take Raja’s report from him no matter what. Next day Mihir thinks he is hallucinating Rani but shocks realising that she is standing in front of him. She thinks she will get Raja’s file from him today.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rani drugs Mihir so she can search Raja’s file in his room. She gets Raja’s file and shocks seeing Mihir in unconscious state.

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