Shubharambh 2nd October 2020 Written Update: Raja saves Kesha

Shubharambh 2nd October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Utsav cries and prays to God to save Kesha and her child. Utsav’s father says he can understand that what Utsav feeling now but he should not blame himself for Kesha’s condition, he did everything which a responsible person does so he is definitely not a irresponsible husband or father. Vrinda tells him to be strong and think positive and Kesha will be fine. Raja asks to one of the Nurse about Kesha’s condition. Gunvant asks Kirtida that is that Nurse also part of her team or not. Nurse tells Raja that Kesha’s health condition improving.

That Doctor comes there says he didn’t get the report result yet, after that only he can say anything and they may need blood so Raja should stay in the hospital. Utsav’s father says it’s getting late for competition so Raja and Rani should leave others are here for Kesha. Vrinda says the situation will become more complicate if Rani and Raja leaves for the competition. Utsav’s father says Rani and Raja has a separate for 3years if they fails in the competition. Vrinda says Raja is mature enough to took decision for himself and Rani. He says for Kesha her child’s life is important now but Raja should leave for the competition.

Asha says now Nurse also told that Kesha health improving so Raja and Rani should leave because it’s not just a competition for them it’s their life. Raja and Rani recalls their vow. Raja says he is not going anywhere leaving Kesha in this condition especially when she may need his blood anytime. Rani says more than the competition her family is important for her. Asha notices Kirtida and Gunvant and thinks there is definitely something is fishy.

Kirtida says she is going to pray for Kesha and signals Gunvant to accompany her. She tells Raja that she won’t forget that what he did for Kesha today. Nurse tells Raja to fill the form and thinks she saw him somewhere. Asha informs Rani that she feels strange with Kirtida’s behavior. Raja tells Hitank to take everyone to canteen saying no one eat anything from morning. Asha says she will stay here only.

Kirtida says in front of her plan nothing will work and now no one can stop the separation of Raja and Rani. Gunvant says today she proved that she is his wife only. She asks did he forgot about the promise he made yesterday. He recalls his promise of she can even slap him if she  successfully stopped Raja and Rani from attending the competition. He says he remember his promise and shows his cheek to her and she slaps him which shocks him. Asha too shocks seeing that. Kirtida says from now on Rani has to leave for her mother’s house and Raja will do whatever they tells him to do. Asha realises that everything is their plan.

Raja fills the form and gives it to the Nurse. Nurse tries to open the door but it got stuck. Seeing her struggle Raja says he will help her and tries to open the door. When he opens the door he shocks seeing Kesha trying to unplug the life support machine and that machine was going to fall on her. He acts speed and pushes Kesha’s bed and he falls down in that process. That life support machine falls on Raja especially hurting his leg. He shouts in pain which shocks Kesha and the Nurse.

Episode ends.

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