Shubharambh 30th July 2020 Written Update: Rani gets her memory back

Shubharambh 30th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rani blaming god for once again snatching her happiness in 99 percent. She also blames herself for falling for his trap without knowing his true face. She decides to just go to the shop and avoid Hemanth and leaves. Aasha secretly meets Mukesh Bhai saying that many are keeping an eye on her in the house. Mukesh Bhai gives her papers of a shop in a big mall worth three crores on Raja’s name. I’m return he asks Raja’s sign in another paper to finalise the alliance. Aasha agrees and takes both the papers with her and leaves. As a twist in tale Gunwant comes there and praises Mukhesh Bhai for successfully fooling Aasha. He waits for Raja to sign the property papers which is present in between the fake papers to get the shop on his name.

Aasha visits the shop and wonders how to get sign in the pairs. She finds Jeevan coming there to get Raja’s sign in tax papers. She gets the papers from him saying that she will get the sign for him and he leaves thanking her. She keeps the papers in between tax papers and leaves keeping it on Raja’s table. Kirdida watches it hiding and updates Gunwant of the same. Gunwant asks her to call him once the job is done. Kirdida leaves too. Rani comes to shop and goes to get stapler from Raja’s table. She accidentally pushes the papers kept on table and it gets scattered. She arranges it and in the meantime finds property papers in between them. Rani tries ignoring it but something keeps disturbing her. She finally decides to take the papers to Raja’s house and leaves with it.

Raja is arranging his wedding pictures for Rani to see and Aasha comes there. Raja says about confessing everything to Rani while Aasha gets shocked. He finds the shoes on table and wonders about it. He realizes that Rani came there and wonders what happened to her after that. Rani enters the house and vague memories starts hitting her. She’s so lost and bumps into Aasha. Raja is facing his back towards her while Aasha gets shocked seeing Rani. Rani says about the property papers that she found and Raja understands the foul play. Aasha understands that Gunwant once again fooled her and gets afraid.

Raja turns towards Rani and Rani gets shocked seeing Hemanth. He says that she lost her memory but still will never let anything to trouble him. Rani looks at the shoes and photos and starts recollecting memories. She goes to his room and gets the sweater spun by her for Raja. She comes down and is about to slip and that’s when she called Kirdida trying to harm the shoes. Finally she recollects all the memories and also Raja’s efforts to win her back. She gets very happy and calls Raja’s name and Raja sighs in relief.

Precap : Gunwant threatens To kill Rani and forces Raja to sign the property papers.