Shubharambh 30th March 2020 Written Update: Raja startled with Gunwant’s behaviour

Shubharambh 30th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rani asking about Aasha to Darshana who says that she was about to come with them. Raja gets worried and calls Aasha but she doesn’t pick up. Raja asks Darshana to not to worry and says he will find her. Pooja goes on with Gunwant happily performing it.

Raja gets irked when Aasha doesn’t pick up the call. He interrupts Gunwant in his pooja and says about Aasha missing. Gunwant scolds him saying that his owning ceremony is more important and says she would’ve gone to temple. Rani provokes Raja but Raja leaves irked. Raja keels trying Aasha mobile.

Hitank asks Raja about Aasha but Raja says even he doesn’t know. Rani apologizes Rani in mind. Hitank asks them to search at home while he’ll search nearby. Hitank recalls Gunwant’s strange behaviour. He feels weird about it.

Utsav ties Aasha in chair binding her mouth. His father creates a scene being drunk. Utsav finds it difficult to manage both Aasha and his father. Rani calls Utsav and asks if he made the video. He says about Aasha being still unconscious. He finds her waking up and says that he’ll make video.

Aasha gets angry seeing Utsav and struggles in her place. Utsav makes the video handling his father. Raja is still searching for his mother with Rani. Hitank prays for Aasha’s welfare while Gunwant happily performs pooja. Hitank is worried for Aasha.

Gunwant urges for his crowning ceremony. Rani acts searching Aasha. Raja gets a call from Utsav. He acts as kidnapper and asks for 10 lakh. He asks him to not inform police. Raja says about the same to Rani. Rani asks him to get money from Gunwant.

Pooja gets completed and Pandit says Gunwant that in 10 minutes his Rajyog will get started. Utsav again calls Raja and asks him to bring money in 10 minutes. Gunwant sits on one side of the weighing scale while on the other side Mehul and Hitank loads clothes to be donated on the other side. When it’s about to go up Raja calls and Gunwant gets irked.

Raja is about to step inside but recalls his pitru dosh. He says about Aasha’s kidnap to Gunwant and asks for 10 lakh in 10 minutes. Everyone gets shocked hearing it. Gunwant mocks him asking who’ll kidnap Aasha. He asks him to wait till his Rajyog begins and the other things can wait shocking Raja and everyone. Raja wonders what happened to Gunwant.

Precap: Hitank asks what’s more important than Aasha’s life. Gunwant says he doesn’t care if she lives or dies. Raja gets Aasha’s video. He himself steps in the shop. Gunwant is about to sit on the chair only to find Raja already sitting on it and gets shocked.