Shubharambh 31st July 2020 Written Update: Raja names the shop on Gunwant to save Rani

Shubharambh 31st July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rani asking Kirdida what she did that day. Suddenly lights goes off and everyone starts moving here and there. Suddenly light comes and everyone gets startled seeing Rani missing. Raja searches her everywhere but couldn’t find her. Kirdida mocks him and shows him a room where Rani is locked in. Raja knocks the door but Gunwant from inside asks him to come to window. He sees inside to find Rani tied up to a chair and Gunwant pours kerosene on her. He threatens to light up Rani and kill her. Raja pleads him to not do any such thing. Gunwant and Kirdida threatens him to sign the property papers to save Rani. Gunwant says that it he doesn’t get the shop he will not get Rani too. He lights the end of the rope tied to Rani. Raja immediately signs the papers and Gunwant and Kirdida flees with it.

Raja unites Rani and asks what did he do. She asks why did he sign the papers as the shop belonged to him. Raja’s says that nothing is more important to him than her. He says that she said about their social status difference but now she can steal money from his wallet like any other wife as there’s no more difference in their status. He confesses his love for her and Rani gets happy. They both hug. Aasha watches it and feels disgusted at herself for falling so low.

Raja brings Rani to her place blindfolded. He asks Utsav to play the video and their marriage slideshow video starts playing. Rani gets emotionless and thanks Raja for the surprise. Raja says that he made it to explain her. He apologizes her for hurting her so much. Rani says that he repented already so much and asks him to forget everything. She wants to give a new start for their relationship. They both perform pheras once again taking oaths and Raja ties the mangalsutra back on Rani’s neck. He applies sindoor on her forehead and they both gets married once again much everyone’s happiness.

Aasha pleads to Gunwant and Kirdida to let them stay6in the house as they try throwing their things away. Aasha warns to complaint about them to police but they mock get that she don’t have any proof to prove that they threatened them. Raja and Rani comes to home. Raja doesn’t want to stay there as he despises Gunwant and Kirdida now. Rani asks him to fight for his right and also says that his father’s memories are etched in the house too. Aasha says that the house doesn’t belong to either of them as it’s their ancestors house and everyone have equal rights on it. He throws the stuff out and it falls on Raja and Rani’s feet. Raja asks him to talk to him from here on.

Precap : Kirdida insults Raja and family as beggars