Shubharambh 31st March 2020 Written Update: Raja breaks his promise for his mother

Shubharambh 31st March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raja saying Gunwant that Aasha is kidnapped and the kidnapper is asking for 10 lakh. Gunwant behaves rudely with him asking him to wait as his Rajyog ritual is taking place. He asks him to wait till he sits on the chair. Raja gets taken aback by Gunwant’s words so is another.

Hitank asks Gunwant that Kaki’s life is in danger and how could he say that ritual is important. Gunwant says that he doesn’t care whether she lives or dies and his Rajyog ritual is more important for him. He proceeds with the ritual but Hitank gets irked. Raja is too shocked to react.

Hitank comes to Raja and says that they could file a police complaint. Rani says that they’ve only 10 minutes’ time and what if the kidnapper gets to know about Police getting involved. She says he may harm mummy ji if possible. Raja roo agrees with her and says they need 10 lakh urgent. Hitank asks him not to worry and goes to Gunwant.

Hitank asks him to give keys to.him as he himself will get the money for Raja. Gunwant shouts at him too as its abshagun to take money in the middle of pooja and asks him to keep quite. Hitank sits down having no option. Utsav sends Aasha’s video to Raja shocking him to the core. Raja says about the video to Gunwant but Gunwant lashes out at him for interrupting pooja. Raja gets shocked to the core due to Gunwant’s behaviour.

Rani provokes Raja that the time is running. Raja recalls about Moti Mummy saying about on Dosh and his moments with his mother. Having no option he steps into the shop much to the happiness of Rani. He takes the keys while others are busy praying.

Raja tries opening the locker when the Pandit says that pooja is completed and asks Gunwant to sit on his chair so that his Rajyog gets started. He asks Mehul to make a video of it. Raja while taking the money accidentally sits on chair. Everyone gets shocked seeing it. Pandit says that it’s abshagun and now Raja’s Rajyog has started. Gunwant fumes angrily looking at Raja while Raja too looks at them shocked.

Precap : Gunwant hits Raja’s chair with his legs and Raja falls down. He slaps him and says that only owner has the right to sit on the chair and not a servant like him shocking both Raja and Aasha. Rani holds Raja’s hand.