Shubharambh 5th August 2020 Written Update: Rani celebrated Raja’s birthday

Shubharambh 5th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with the interviewer praising Raja for his performance and asks him to wait. Rani is also giving interview in another place. The interviewer behaves rude with Rani insulting her for status. He says how could she do the job in a beauty parlour when she has no experience in the field. Rani asks him to behave and he throws water on her face shocking Rani. Gunwant finds Raja and says to interviewer that he’s his son and fake praises him. He leaves pretending to be on call. Interviewer says Raja that he’s from a wealthy family and can’t handle such difficult jobs. A parallel is shown where Rani scolds the interviewer for being so rude and says that she would not work in his place even for free and leaves the place. While Raja tries convincing interviewer to give him a chance to prove his sincerity but he doesn’t listen and leaves. Raja says Gunwant for still playing his fake love drama to spoil his life.

Rani is fuming to Raja over the interviewer’s behaviour. She blames God for not supporting her but Raja asks her to believe God as if not today they will get job tomorrow. He orders sweet Panipuri for Rani to cool her anger and spicy one for him but Rani gets spicy one too. Raja says that this is what us life is and asks her to accept it the way it is. Rani agrees and starts having the spicy one too. Raja and Rani comes home while Aasha greets them happily. They say about not getting job and asks her to trust as they still have time. They all settle to eat and Rani shares a past moment with them. Aasha cringes over it and Raja notices it and stops Rani. Rani is about to have food when something hits her and spills her food. It’s revealed to be Kirdida who says that she’s learning football. She asks them to learn to beg in the meantime. Rani tries giving her back but Raja stops her. Both Aasha and Rani wants to teach her a lesson but Raja is against it. Rani decides to get her revenge.

At night Kirdida is sleeping. She hears door knock but finds Gunwant missing. She opens the door to find Rani speaking with someone on phone. She plans to kill Gunwant and Kirdida and Kirdida gets scared hearing it. Rani leaves and Kirdida finds someone’s shadow. His face is covered and Kirdida starts beating him with log thinking it to be murderer. Everyone comes there and it is revealed to be Gunwant. Kirdida understands that its Rani’s plot. Raja too doubts Rani. After everyone leaves Rani taunts Kirdida and Raja hears it. He scolds Rani for falling for their level but Rani says that she believes in an eye for an eye. Raja goes upset to bed over their conflicting opinion. Later at night Rani wakes up Raja surprising him with jam biscuit cake and candles for his birthday. They both gets romantic.

Next day Raja takes Aasha and his father’s blessing when Gunwant and Kirdida comes there. They give him shagun wishing him on his birthday. They also say that they’ve a gift for him. Raja and Rani gets doubtful.

Precap : Kirdida and Gunwant spoils Raja’s birthday and insults him