Shweta Rohira visits Vietnam

Actor Shweta Rohira is back from a refreshing holiday. The actor travelled to Vietnam and fell in love with the place. “In Vietnam, I just visited Ho Chi Minh city as I like being at one place and trying to see as much as I can rather than wandering around everywhere. I had fun every day but the funniest was my attempt to speak in the Vietnamese language,” she says.

The actor loved the local cuisine as well. “I always love to try the local food. I had Vietnamese cuisine and it was heavenly. I love Asian food and it’s one of my favourite cuisines and even the Vietnamese coffee was just divine. Instead of milk they make it with condensed milk and in their language, it’s called ‘ca phe den da’,” she says.

The locals over there are also amazing, says Shweta. “They are very warm and though English is a barrier but they go all out to help and guide you. The best part of these cities is that you are constantly playing dumb charades!” she says.

Ask her what is a must to do while visiting Vietnam, and she says, “First, have their Vietnamese coffee, second, visit their pagoda, it’s serene. Third, eat food at the street food market, fourth is visit the night market and last, walk by the Saigaon river.”

And here’s her next destination on her wish list. “I would love to see new 6 cities nationally or internationally. Let’s see with my project commitments where can I make it!” she says. Shweta you look so refreshing that we are sure you will get into bollywood this year.

Shweta Rohira visits Vietnam Shweta Rohira visits Vietnam Shweta Rohira visits Vietnam Shweta Rohira visits Vietnam