Siddharth Nigam confesses falling in love with Avneet Kaur in music video ‘Hone Laga Tumse Pyaar’

Sidneet is back with a bang, and this with another heart-rendering music video, “Hone Laga Tumse Pyaar”. The makers have finally released the much-awaited music video. The couple’s new song is all about love and romance. Avneet and Siddharth are once again be seen romancing each other in their upcoming music video sung by Abhi Dutt. Along with Siddharth Nigam and Avneet Kaur, the song will also be featuring Ashmit Patel. 

When we asked about actress Avneet Kaur’s association with the music video she says  “This song is really special for me, I always wanted to create something fresh for the audience. It was an amazing experience working with Siddharth, Ashmit Patel, and Abhi Dutt.”

Speaking on the same, Siddharth Nigam says that, “The song is beautiful and all about raw emotions to do with love. When I first heard about the concept, I was instantly impressed  I think that ‘Hone Laga Tumse Pyaar’ is the best way for Avneet and me to come together.”

The song has been vocalised by Abhi Dutt,  directed by Nadeem Akhtar, Nitin FCP, and written by Shekhar Astitwa. It is also composed by Vikram Montrose and the music video is produced under the label of BLive Music, Varsha Kukreja. The track has been created by Mahesh Kukreja and presented by BLive Music, Sanjay Kukreja and Remo D’Souza.

The track is available on BLive Music YouTube channel and various platforms.