Siddharth Shukla thinks Shehnaz Gill is less deserving than Paras: Bigg Boss 13

Show Bigg Boss 13 is fast heading towards its finale and in just 8 days out of 7 contestants out there in the house , one will stand with the trophy.

Contestants inside the house are now trying their level best to play the game so that they can get ticket to finale. So far Rashmi, Asim and Siddharth have already secured their place in the finale week. Now left out contestants (Paras, Mahira, Aarti and Shehnaz) are leaving no chance to make their place in top 5.

Immunity task was given to the contestant in the last night episode where Asim, Rashmi and Siddharth were asked to play for Paras, Aarti, Mahira and Shehnaz and out of all the four they can save one contestant from the nomination. Asim decides to save Aarti, Rashmi was ok with Aarti and Shehnaz. But Siddharth who keeps a different game plan says he will pay back to Paras by saving him this time because he saved him during the chess task. Siddharth’s decision awakens the new argument inside the house. Asim accuses Siddharth for not supporting his friends (Aarti and Shehnaz) who was with him from so long. Verbal fight happens between the duos.

Now in the upcoming episode Shehnaz Gill will ask Siddharth why he is not supporting her. She will get angry with him. Ahead, Shehnaz will say to Paras that Siddharth thinks she is less deserving than him. Paras will explain to Shehnaz that she has always supported Siddharth morally but never in the game. Here, Siddharth will accuse Shehnaz for making fun of their talk in front of all. He will than says that he is a bad soul. What more will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

Shoot your views in the comment section below if you think Shehnaz is less deserving than Paras Chabra?