Siddharth to breathe his last in Vish

Colors TV latest offering Vish is a supernatural flick that tells a tale about the cross breed creatures. The show went on floor from last week which marks the comeback of Sabrina aka Debina Bonnerjee.

In the show Aditya who is a business tycoon is an adamant and thinks everything and everyone is nothing in front of his status and money. While the story last week revealed how Sabina managed to enter the Kothari house and why she chose to be Mrs. Kothari, this week viewers will have a sad event to bear.

In tonight’s episode of the show audience will see Sidhharth will breathes his last in the show.

In the last week episode we had seen that Aliya and Aditya gets into an ugly fight in the pool party. Where Aliya entered the party venue on the instinct of Sabrina gets collided with Aditya.

Aditya tried to insult her and harassing her which leads to an uncomfortable situation. Hence, Aliya slapped him for his ill behaviour and took leave.

On the other hand, Sabrina was also not able to find out that special guy with a similar mark.  She used her special powers to find out about the guy but fails miserably. In tonight episode.of the show Aliya will decide to take Mohit to hospital as her suspicion regarding his health is 100% correct and she doesn’t want him to die a death of her father. So she will call an ambulance on her own and goes for treatment.

On the other hand Sabrina drags the body of Siddharth in her old chamber after he dismissed her plan and kills him. Meanwhile, Alia will face difficulty while taking Mohit to hospital. She will get attacked by spiders and left shocked and scared. Along with it, the ambulance will also become unable to move forward due to the effect of Sabrina’s power.