August 21, 2019
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Sikander to face a new challenge in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is witnessing edge of the seat drama.

Sikander regains his memory and accepted Kulfi as his daughter. Kulfi craved for his father and now her happiness is countless. Kulfi and Sikander team up and the duo put Chandan behind the bars. Everyone gets happy seeing Sikander is back but his happiness will be short live. Amyra gets to know that she is Tevar’s daughter.

Kulfi and Sikander is spending quality time together. Loveleen too is happy seeing family reunion. Sikander’s mother asks Kulfi about her birthday. Kulfi says she never celebrated her birthday. Sikander plans a birthday party for her. Kulfi gets excited to celebrate her birthday. She calls Rocket and his team for the birthday. Amyra gets irked seeing Kulfi happy. Kulfi, Sikander and her friends dances and enjoys.

Kulfi cuts her birthday cake but Amyra paints her face with cake in anger. Sikander gets angry on Amyra and pushes her away. He scolds Amyra for her rude behavior. Later, Amyra confronts Sikander.

Furious Amyra confronts Sikander and informs him that she is aware that she is not his daughter; instead she is Tevar’s daughter. Everyone gets stunned hearing Amyra.

Sikander tries to speak but Amyra says she is neither jealous of Kulfi nor she is angry with her. She cries saying she is not having father. Amyra addresses Sikander by him name. She congratulates Kulfi of winning. Loveleen and everyone cry. Here, Sikander’s mother makes Sikander understand that Amyra needs to understand that Kulfi is his first child and deserves everything first.

How Sikander will handle this situation and what next he does to balance this chaos will be interesting to watch. How Sikander will make Amyra to understand the reality and what step he will take to calm her, to know more keep watching Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, mon-fri on Star Plus.

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