Sirat returns with Kartik to Ranveer: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is all set to bring twist in Ranveer and Sirat’s wedding. So far in the episode it is seen, Sirat fights back Lalita. Kartik cheers for Sirat. Lalita gives a tough fight to Sirat. Sirat punches Lalita hard too. Kartik cheers for Sirat and asks her to fight as everything is fair in love and war. Other side, Ranveer decodes they aren’t any officer but Chauhan’s goons. He apologize to Goenka’s for the trouble caused by Chauhan. Ranveer further decides to meet Chauhan. Ranveer’s mother tries to stop him but he leaves the place threating the goons, dare they trouble Goenka’s. There, Kartik motivates Sirat to wake up. He asks her to stand up for her dreams and Ranveer. Sirat recalls his moments with Ranveer and stands up. She wins the match and qualifies for Nationals. Kartik and Sirat gets happy.

Furthermore, Ranveer goes to Chauhan and puts him on gun point. There, Kartik asks Sirat to come with him to the doctor. Sirat refuses to go to doctor and asks Kartik to take her directly to the wedding place. Kartik says she needs a first-aid. Sirat gets adamant to get ready as a bride and visit Ranveer. Kartik decides to support Sirat.

In the meantime, Ranveer confront Chauhan about sending goons. He asks Chauhan if father are like him. Chauhan says to Ranveer that because of Sirat he is putting him on gun point. Ranveer replies to Chauhan that not because of Sirat but he himself is responsible for the moment. Both argues with each other. Ranveer decides to defame Chauhan so that he doesn’t become chief minister.

Next we will see, Kartik will bring back Sirat home. Ranveer will get happy getting Sirat back. What next will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

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