Sirat to accuse Chauhan: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Drama to galore in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai with Sirat and Ranveer accusing Chauhan for Ranveer’s mother accident. Kartik too will ask Chauhan to stay away from Ranveer and Sirat. How Chauhan will react on Sirat and Ranveer’s accusation will be interesting to watch.

So far in the show it is seen, Ranveer confronts Sirat about the necklace. He asks her why she doesn’t return necklace to Kartik. Sirat tells Ranveer that she tired but Kartik insisted her. Ranveer says to Sirat amid husband and wife third person should not interfere. Sirat tells to Ranveer that Kartik is just her friend. Ranveer says Kartik is his friend too and understands Sirat. He asks Sirat to return the necklace. Sirat says Kartik will feel bad if she will again return it to him. Ranveer asks Sirat to leave for now. Sirat gives kiss to Ranveer to cheer up his mood. Ranveer asks Sirat to come inside as Goenka’s might be waiting for them.

Later, Kairav plays games with Goenka’s. Amid the game Kartik miss Naira post Ranveer talks stuff related to wife. Kartik leaves the place. Sirat asks Ranveer what was the need for him to quote for wife as Kartik got upset. Mainsh says Kartik finally confessed he is lonely because Naira is no more. Sirat decides to meet Kartik. Kartik watches Naira’s picture. Sirat comes and talks with Kartik. Kartik thanks Sirat for trying to share his pain. Sirat about to talk with Kartik to remarry but Mauri interrupted her. Mauri asks Sirat to come. Other side, Ranveer’s mother faints and falls from the stairs. Nidhi and Chauhan stands shocked. Ranveer and Sirat rushes to meet Ranveer’s mother.

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