Sirat vows to become responsible like ‘Naira’ is the highlight of the week: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

We are back with the weekly highlight of your favorite daily “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”. Like every week, drama this week was high too. From Goenkas’ deciding for Gayu’s wedding to Gayu’s unthinkable act, the episodes hooked the audience. So read out what more happened in the show this week.

Last we reported, Suhasini and Swarna give Sirat a task to convince Gayu for the second marriage. Sirat tried to convince Gayu and without her consent took her to meet Saurav. Gayu gets irked with Sirat and Goenkas and escapes the house with Vansh and Vatsal leaving a note for the family. Gayu’s letter read she is leaving the house with her children and they should not try to find her. Sirat and Kartik rush to find Gayu. In the meantime, Gayu’s cab driver learn that she is upset and escaping the house. He tries to rob her. Sirat see Gayu’s cab and chases her. Furthermore, Sirat and Kartik save Gayu from the driver.

Kartik confront Gayu about leaving the family simply. Gayu accuse Sirat and says she asked time from her but she took her to meet Saurav thus she was upset. There, Manish and Surekha accuse Sirat for all the mess. Sirat apologize to Gayu for not understanding her. Kartik and Sirat bring Gayu back. Goenkas apologize to Gayu. Gayu refuses to marry anyone. She adds she didn’t open upto Sirat and thought like Naira latter would have cracked up what is going inside. Sirat cries thinking even Gayu think she is not worthy like a Naira and vows to change herself. Kartik tries to figure out what is going inside Sirat. Ahead, Sirat plans for Kartik and Kairav birthday. She decides to make it grand same like Naira used to do.

Towards the end of the week, Sirat  sleep while, doing arrangements. Balloon popped up and Sirat wakes up. Sirat apologize to Goenkas. She says she is clueless how she slept. Surekha and Manish taunts Sirat yet again. Sirat says because of muscles pain she took pain killer and might have slept because of it. Kartik asks Sirat to stop apologizing. Manish add 7 murders done by her will be excused. Ahead, Goenkas celebrate Kairav and Kartik birthday. Kairav and Kartik cut the cake and feed to Sirat and others. Sirat says she will execute birthday partly flawlessly not like today.

In the morning, Goenkas gets smitten having good breakfast prepared by Sirat. Kartik inform Sirat about the boxing campaign. He asks Sira to reach on time. Sirat assure Kartik that she will reach on time. Kairav gets happy receiving lots of birthday gift. He guess who has given what. Sirat says to Kairav that on his birthday he will receive one more surprise from her side. Kairav gets excited.

Kartik with his team wait for Sirat. He asks his members not to waste Sirat time post she will come for the campaign. Sirat reach the orphanage. She urge the management to send few children from the orphanage on the occasion of Kairav birthday. Kartik wait for Sirat. Sirat unable to reach on time and in the meantime, boxing campaign members says to Kartik that they can’t wait for Sirat anymore. Kartik tries to stop them but fails. Kartik call Sirat and asks where she is. Sirat says she was planning a surprise for Kairav. Kartik gets angry on Sirat.

Afterwards, Gayu, Swarna and Suhasini discuss and conclude Sirat is almost like a Naira. They add right from decoration to snacks; Sirat has perfectly managed everything just like Naira. Kartik over heard Swarna, Suhasini and Gayu’s talk. Sirat come disguised Naira. Goenkas and Kartik stands shocked. Later, Sirat mess up the cake.

Kartik confront Sirat about her changed behaviour. Sirat confess she tried to become like a Naira but she failed to be like her. She breaks down thinking she can’t balance career and family both. Sirat apologize to Goenkas. Kartik says to Sirat she is right, she can never become like a Naira.

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