Sirf Tum 11th May 2022 Written Update: Ranveer cancels his engagement

Sirf Tum 11th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani getting overwhelmed seeing Ranveer. She starts dancing around him and they dance together romantically in a dream sequence. In real Ranveer gives serious look. Everyone claps for Suhani. Dadu says Ranveer scared them a lot but he erased their fear with his arrival. Sudha feels relieved. Suhani makes Ranveer wear the ring at first and Dadi teases her saying why she made Ranveer wear the ring as it’s groom’s turn first. Dadu says Suhani can’t wait to marry Ranveer so she is being impatient. Suhani asks Ranveer to make her wear the ring but he says he has no ring in his pocket. Ranveer tells his friends to find the ring. His friends don’t find it.

Ranveer clearly tells Suhani that he threw away the ring while coming here. Suhani gets shocked hearing that and asks her not to crack such jokes as she is getting panic attack. He throws away the shagun thal which shocks everyone. He adds he is not made for this marriage and all. He took the decision out of desperation and he was driven by the emotions. But now he realised he can’t give commitment to Suhani. Mamta tells Ranveer that he wanted this marriage from the start then why he is creating scene now. He should perform the ritual.

Ranveer says his family wanted him not to marry a divorcee so he wont marry Suhani. Dadu says how can a guy like him deny to marry his love? Mamta has no objection too. He asks Mamta whether she has any problem, Mamta doesn’t reply anything. Vikram says they have to face the world and answer them if Ranveer marries Suhani. Ranveer says it’s clear noone from his family is happy for this wedding. He can’t make his mother upset by choosing Suhani. Suhani stops him saying he loves her a lot and he went against everyone for her then why he is talking like this. Ranveer says now he doesn’t trust their relationship and he can’t hurt his dear ones for her. Suhani says she trusts his love and that’s why she is ready to marry him even in her father’s absence whom she loves the most. Ranveer is about to leave and Rakesh enters.

Rakesh tells Suhani that it was expected to get such a reaction from Ranveer as he is incapable of taking any responsibilities. He doesn’t deserve her. Suhani asks Ranveer to think again but he leaves. She feels shattered and sits down. Ranveer says he told Suhani million times that Ranveer is not the right guy for her, she should not get ready to marry him but she didn’t listen. Suhani says Ranveer can’t do this to her, she misunderstood him last time but she will know the real reason from him anyhow this time. Rakesh slaps her in anger and says if she won’t respect herself then noone will respect her. He tells Sudha to make Suhani understand. Suhani says Ranveer will come back to her for sure and there must be a valid reason why he is doing this. She goes after Ranveer despite Rakesh’s denial.

Suhani tells Ranveer and asks why he is doing this? He should tell her the reason. He says he doesn’t want any engagement or marriage. He wants a free life. Roshni comes and forcibly separates Suhani from Ranveer. Rakesh holds Suhani’s hand and drags her from there saying Ranveer’s true colors is revealed already and there’s nothing left to talk about. Suhani stares at Ranveer helplessly. Mamta thinks what happened to Ranveer all of a sudden.

Roshni takes out Suhani’s clothes and says these should be thrown out of the house as Ranveer rejected Suhani. Mamta tells Roshni to talk to Ranveer again but Roshni says Ranveer will surely agree to marry Riya and Mamta’s first choice is Riya too. Rakesh locks Suhani in a room and Dadi tells him to free her. Sudha says she will handle Suhani but Rakesh blames her for Suhani’s stubbornness. He says he will handle his daughter now and noone will interfere. Suhani asks Rakesh to open the door and she gets terribly upset.

Episode ends

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