Sirf Tum 12th May 2022 Written Update: Suhani refuses to meet Ranveer

Sirf Tum 12th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roshni telling the house help to send Suhani’s stuffs to her house. Ranveer stops them and Mamta says he already rejected Suhani then what’s the need of her clothes here? Rakesh tells his family that Suhani won’t take Ranveer’s name from now on else he will cut ties with her. He says Suhani will stay under his control like before. Suhani says she has to talk to Ranveer. She cries and says why he is not telling her anything? She looks for her phone.

Ranveer brings out his clothes and tells Roshni to pack his luggage too just how she packed Suhani’s luggage in speed. He adds if Suhani can’t stay here, then he will also not stay here. He says though Suhani is not his wife but she is his life. He will fulfil all her dreams, he has many things to do for her. Suhani will stay in the mansion like before but not as Ansh’s wife. Ansh will leave not she. Mamta gets confused hearing his talk. She tells Roshni that she should not take any step without thinking.

Suhani misses Ranveer and recalls his decision. She gets emotional and Dadi Sudha come to her. Dadi says Suhani should not waste her tears like that but she should fight for her love bravely if she truly loves Ranveer. Dadi suggests Suhani to elope ignoring Rakesh’s decision. Sudha says she never loved anyone but she can’t see her daughter in pain too. She encourages Suhani to run away through her room window. Suhani refuses saying she doens’t want to go against Rakesh’s decision. But she feels proud that she has gotten such cool dadi and supportive mother in her life. Dadi asks her to talk to Rakesh directly. She says they are with her but she can’t sit silently but has to face Rakesh. If he doesn’t get convinced now then he will never get convinced. Suhani gets ready to talk to him.

Riya thanks Shashi for fulfilling his promise and Ansh enters. Riya asks why he came here. Shashi welcomes him and offers him drink. He gives Ansh divorce papers saying there hey signed but this papers will not be filed so he and Suhani are still married. Ansh gets confused and asks him how he got the papers? And without papers also Ranveer might manage to get Suhani. Shashi says that’s not possible, Ranveer can’t be with Suhani and Ansh can stay with her like before.

Ranveer asks Dadu whether Suhani will come to stay in his house or not. Ranveer says if he will call her then she won’t deny. Suhani tells Rakesh that she wants to meet Ranveer and wants to talk to him. Rakesh gets angry and says she won’t take his name again. She says but she loves him that’s the truth, he will feel Ranveer’s presence even if she doesn’t take his name. She says her bangles reminds her of Ranveer. Rakesh throws them away, Suhani says the shawl is also Ranveer’s sign. Rakesh tells Sudha to burn the shawl. Suhani adds Ranveer lives in her heart and he is in her soul. Rakesh can’t remove her soul and she won’t get separated from Ranveer in this life. Suhani gets Ranveer’s call and receives it. Ranveer asks her why she hasnt reached his house yet? He is worried for her, he says he can pick her up ifh she wants.

Rakesh loses his calm and snatches the phone from her. He rebukes Ranveer. He says how dare Ranveer is calling Suhani after all the drama, he has no relation with her now. Ranveer says to Rakesh you won’t understand our equation and I still love Suhani. I took the decision for her own good. Rakesh says you don’t have any right on Suhani anymore. He tells Suhani to tell Ranveer that she doesn’t want to come back to him. Sudha thinks Suhani should leave. Suhani answers Ranveer that she loves him and it shocks Rakesh. Rakesh is about to leave and Suhani says but she can’t meet Ranveer as her father didn’t give her permission. She will not come to his house. Ranveer asks her is she serious? Suhani says yes I won’t disobey my father.

Episode ends

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