Sirf Tum 13th July 2022 Written Update: Suhani slaps Ranveer hearing his taunts

Sirf Tum 13th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mamta telling Ranveer that they should leave. Ranveer notices her tears and asks her who made her cry. He can’t see her in pain, Suhani knows that very well. Mamta leaves the hospital with Ranveer after stopping him, from questioning Suhani.

Dadu asks Ranveer why he looks upset, and the latter goes to his room. He starts drinking alcohol, and recalls how Suhani told him to not hurt her family. He says Suhani refused to leave Oberoi mansion, that’s why they are in this situation. He blames her for everything. Suhani also blames Ranveer for Rakesh’s poor health condition. She says she will never forgive him. Ranveer breaks the bottles in anger.

During Ansh’s funeral Suhani arrives to pray for the departed soul, and Mamta gets happy seeing that she came after all these drama. Suhani says Rakesh is still in coma. She consoles crying Asha and says she can’t imagine how painful this is for a mother to lose her son in front of her eyes.

Asha replies Ranveer killed Ansh. Ranveer comes there in intoxicated state and mocks Suhani for consoling outsiders instead of supporting of her own husband. Asha says she came here with Ansh to take their rights. She didn’t want to snatch anything, then why did Ranveer kill him? Ranveer says Ansh’s wrong deeds caused this. He told million times that Honey is mentally unstable but they didn’t take any action, and the result can be seen.

Suhani tells Ranveer to show empathy to Asha, as she lost her son. He can’t behave like a heartless person. He even broke his promise of quiting alcohol. Ranveer says if he got shot instead of Ansh, then Suhani would have cried with Mamta. Since she was Ansh’s ex wife, so she is feeling sad for him.

Suhani says Ranveer has lost it and talking rubbish. She will talk to him later. He stops her, saying she can’t give him orders. She was not even confident in college, but whatever she is today, is because of him. People know her by Mrs Ranveer Oberoi. She is nothing without him. Suhani gets shocked hearing all of that and says she doesn’t need anything from him. She never thought he can have such nasty thoughts about her. He says he is telling the truth, and Rakesh might have used him for money. Suhani is also involved.

Suhani slaps him, saying he has no right to insult her father, who is in coma, because of his fault. She didn’t love this Ranveer. She decides to leave Oberoi mansion and goes to pack her luggage. Mamta tells Ranveer to stop Suhani. He refuses, saying she slapped him, so he won’t stop her. Suhani recalls Ranveer gifted her beautiful dress after marriage, and she got emotional. He teased her, and she laughed.

The episode ends

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